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Updates — 06 Sep 2022

Reach's extensive database containing more than 180K partners

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Get The Most Out Of Your Partnership Marketing Campaigns With Affise Reach

Affise Reach, our tool designed to help brands fully manage partnership marketing campaigns released this year, recently surpassed the 180,000 publisher opportunity mark in its database.

Getting to this milestone was only possible thanks to some brilliant work from our publisher team. Since the launch of Reach in March, they have been busy directly engaging publishers and successfully negotiating contracts with agencies worldwide.

Thanks to this extensive list of publishers, it’s now easier than ever to create a successful partnership marketing campaign.

How it works

Marketers can search through more than 180.000 vetted publishers of every type and easily find partnership opportunities in every key vertical, including eCommerce, finance, gaming, and more. 

The platform allows the filtering of potential partners by audience, traffic sources, countries, vertical, OS type.  “Whether you are looking for a specific vertical, geographic country, or vertical, Affise Reach empowers brands to find the publishers that are ideal for each campaign,” says Vadim Kapitanov, Senior Product Manager at Affise.

All Affise Reach customers have access to a dedicated publisher team to help them identify optimal partnership opportunities for each campaign, whether it’s using our extensive internal database or direct hunting. 

”Our dedicated publisher’s team is always on standby to assist with any search at any time. No matter what sector you are in or the size of your campaign, we are here for you,” says Vadim Kapitanov.

Reach also provides brands unprecedented control over the partnership marketing process, from tracking to publisher relationships, payments and data. Vadim Kapitanov explains that “Affise Reach is super-simple to navigate, and filtering through the database to find the right partner is straightforward and simple,” he explains. 

Marketers can use Reach’s in-platform communication system to speak directly with publishers without intermediaries. This allows brands to develop and “own” long-lasting and meaningful partnerships.”

Is Affise Reach an Affiliate Network?

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Affise Reach takes the stress out of payments. It handles all payments to your partners and aggregates the totals producing a straightforward and transparent process for everyone involved.

To sum up

At Affise, we believe that your partnership and campaign data should be yours forever and available to you anytime. That’s why Affise Reach is designed to give brands control over their campaigns, and marketers using Reach retain 100% control over their data.

Thanks to the Affise Reach system, you have full access to your data and a range of features, and now have an even more extensive base of publishers that brands can leverage. After all, publishers are great partners when it comes to spreading your offers to more potential customers.

Gain control over your campaigns by easily finding and establishing relationships with the right partners

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