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& attribution

If it is all not about tracking and attributing,
then what is it about?
Manage traffic reasonably
by being aware of its details, create profitable campaigns
by right performance attribution, meet technology
challenges with solid solutions

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Take advantage of the robust
technology with a wide range of tools


C2S (Client-to-Server) tracking

Involve the usage of a special pixel put into the code of success page to get notified about conversions

S2S (Server-to-Server) tracking

Use a classic and easy way of integration via postbacks

Server Parallel tracking

Make immediate user’s landing on the final landing page instead of following through all subsequent redirect chain elements

Promo codes (clickless) tracking

Build not only a loyalty program by rewarding customers with special deals but also cut costs through cross promotion

Cookieless tracking

Be confident in proper tracking in the world without third-party cookies and allow immediate transfer from the original link to the final landing page

Google Parallel tracking

Stay compatible with Google’s policy and increase the load time


What events are there to measure?

Click tracking

Trace user’s engagement via tracking URLs clicks

Impression tracking

Discover the power of views and their contribution to successful leads

Conversion tracking

Correlate traffic to offers to evaluate and understand campaign performance

Bubble - Tracking Attribution


Evaluate touchpoints in a customer journey
reasonably and credit sales to the right channels


What models are there
to choose?

Last-click/ Last
touch attribution

A basic model of giving credit to the last click while conversions’ attribution

First-click/ First
touch attribution

An encouraging model for giving credit to the first click while conversions’ attribution

Probabilistic attribution

An alternative model to measure mobile attribution from iOS by relying not on unique data such as Click ID, GAID, IDFA, but on Offer ID, User-Agent, Sub2 account, Language, IP Address

SKAdNetwork attribution

A specific solution within a dedicated Apple’s framework to attribute campaigns on IOS


What other means are there
to ensure the accuracy
of tracking and attribution?



Improve the quality of customer service by redirecting users to a particular piece of web content on a website or to specific content inside a mobile app

Landings and Pre-landings

Landings & Pre-landings

Involve your affiliate in building a prosperous campaign by giving an opportunity to distribute traffic according to the offer’s conditions



Monetize the remnant and non-targeted traffic in a reasonable way with a wide variety of possibilities

Extensive targeting

Extensive targeting

Apply advanced and flexible targeting settings to match products with the perfect users’ fit



Generate neat and concise short URL links inside the Affise platform

Cross-postback URL

Cross-postback URL

Send conversion data to any 3rd party place. It is perfect for e-commerce and VAS.

Integrations with other platforms

Easy to set up and get multi-faceted flows for speeding up the revenue generation


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