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Partnerships — 17 Aug 2023

Winning Mobile App Growth and Profits Strategy

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  • Drive Profits and App Growth with PropellerAds: A Winning Strategy for App Owners

Drive Profits and App Growth with PropellerAds: A Winning Strategy for App Owners

Imagine achieving 13,740 app installs within a month in a highly competitive market like India. Or achieving an astounding conversion rate of over 40% on certain days during the testing period.

Sounds like a dream? In fact, these are genuine success stories from our partners.

In this post, PropellerAds shares the secret sauce to maximizing your app profits using proven strategies, including preparing your app for user acquisition, launching a fail-proof user acquisition campaign, and examining how these strategies worked in real-world scenarios.

Preparing Your App for User Acquisition

The first step to user acquisition is ensuring your app is optimized for visibility and attractiveness. This is where App Store Optimization (ASO) steps in.

ASO involves optimizing your app to rank high in the app store’s search results. With over 70% of visitors to the app store using search to discover new apps, ASO plays a crucial role in app success.

Invest time in enhancing your app’s title, description, icon, and visuals. Integrate relevant keywords that your potential users are likely to search for. Your app icon should be eye-catching, and your screenshots or videos should clearly showcase your app’s functionality and benefits.

Here is one good example:

Why is ASO so important?

Before diving into specific user acquisition strategies, it’s essential to understand why App Store Optimization (ASO) is a vital first step in your strategy. ASO isn’t just about visibility; it’s about creating an app profile that is engaging, clear, and value-packed to attract the right users.

The best ASO strategies understand that this is about ‘selling’ your app to potential users and making sure they understand its unique benefits. These strategies describe the app’s unique benefits with keywords that help them rank higher and get discovered faster.

For example, if your app offers unique integration with a popular service, that’s something you’d want to highlight. If your app has been featured in major media outlets, that’s also a selling point that you should include. By focusing on what makes your app unique and beneficial, you can set the stage for effective user acquisition.

Crafting a Fail-Proof User Acquisition Strategy

Once you’ve optimized your app, it’s time to create a robust user acquisition strategy.  When it comes to user acquisition, the devil is in the details. Every element of your strategy, from audience identification to ad format selection, plays a role in the overall success of your campaign. This is a multi-step process that involves:
  1. Audience Identification: Understand who will benefit from your app. Identify their demographics, interests, and behaviors to target your campaign effectively.
  2. Channel and Ad Format Selection: The right ad format and channel can greatly impact your campaign’s success. Start with familiar channels like Google and Facebook, and consider adding more options to enhance your strategy. Channels like PropellerAds offer a variety of formats, such as push notifications and interstitials, that are perfect for your app and audience. Using a mix of traditional and new channels can help your app reach more people. .
  3. Setting KPIs and Goals: Clear goals help measure your campaign’s effectiveness. Whether it’s the number of downloads, user engagement, or revenue, establish metrics to track your success.
  4. Testing and Optimization: Regularly measure your campaign performance and adjust your tactics to maximize results. PropellerAds’ SmartCPM model, for instance, offers automated bidding optimization to enhance campaign performance.
  5. Post-Launch Optimization: Once your campaign is live, it’s crucial to keep checking its performance and make adjustments as needed. This could involve testing ads, revising your bid strategy, or even changing the target audience based on the results. But don’t stop at getting users to register. It’s also important to stay in touch with them, encouraging them to engage with your app through retargeting and follow-up ads. This helps to maintain their interest and promotes more usage of your app, which is key for long-term success.

The Strategy in Action: Real Success Stories

When looking at the success stories, it’s important to understand the nuances behind the numbers. Yes, one partner achieved 13,740 installs within a month, but how exactly did they do that?

The campaign was strategically designed to target an audience likely to be interested in the app, using creative and engaging ads that not only drew attention but also clearly communicated the app’s unique value proposition. They also utilized PropellerAds’ diverse ad formats and optimization tools to maximize their campaign’s reach and effectiveness. 

Let’s break down exactly what they did to reach these impressive results. 

Case Study: eCommerce App Promotion in India

Our partner embarked on a journey to increase the popularity of a multi-eCommerce platform for Android users in India.

  • Offer and Target Audience: The specific target audience was Android users in India, with the goal to engage them with a popular multi-eCommerce platform.
  • Goal: The ambitious objective was to achieve a minimum of 500 installs per day.
  • Ad Formats Used: The campaign made use of both Popunder and Push Notifications to reach out to the target audience.
  • Campaign Duration: The campaign unfolded over two years, capitalizing on the period of high seasonality in India.
  • Testing Strategy: PropellerAds’ CPA Goal feature was employed for testing Popunder traffic, setting a value of $0.25. Push Notifications were also put under the testing lens, using three different creatives.
  • Results from Testing: The testing phase proved successful as it surpassed the daily install goal of 500, with conversion rates even reaching an impressive 42% on some days.
  • Optimization Approach: For the Push Notification campaign, new creatives were devised as part of the optimization strategy. On the other hand, the Popunder campaign, which had been performing well, was duplicated and the bid was increased to $0.29. The campaign also incorporated the use of Whitelists, choosing the best-converting zones. The SmartCPM model was also employed for obtaining an optimized impression count.
  • Outcome: The strategy culminated in 13,740 installs in a single month, far exceeding their initial daily goal. This tremendous success underscores the power of the strategic approach adopted.

This isn’t just a success story; it’s a blueprint for how to effectively drive app user acquisition and profit.

A Deep Dive into Proven Strategies

Hungry for more information about this case’s success? Here are some insights into some of the more specific strategies that were successful for our partners.

  1. Leveraging Whitelists and the SmartCPC Model: Creating whitelists of best-performing zones and implementing our SmartCPC model can significantly increase your conversion rates while saving on your budget.
  2. Refreshing Your Creatives Regularly: For push notifications, it’s crucial to refresh your creatives and change them at least once a week to maintain user interest and engagement.
  3. Running an A/B Test: Always consider running an A/B test for your ad creatives. Different creatives can yield different results, and A/B testing helps determine the most effective one.
  4. Using Platforms with Anti-Fraud Tools: PropellerAds makes sure your budget is spent on genuine users, thereby increasing your ROI. It’s done by using anti-fraud algorithms to track and block invalid activity – ensuring that your ads are displayed to the most relevant users.

Wrapping Up

The road to app success may indeed be fraught with challenges. However, with the right strategies and a strong partner to navigate these hurdles, significant profits are within reach for app owners. 

Following proven strategies, continual testing and optimization, and the leverage of powerful tools and services can transform your app into a success story.

Remember, it’s not just about creating profitable campaigns; it’s about crafting a journey toward growth and success for your app.

With PropellerAds by your side, you’re not just managing campaigns; you’re redefining your profit narrative. Ready to start your journey?

To get you more equipped for your experience with PropellerAds, their team gives all new users a welcome $50 bonus — please, request it at contact.us@propellerads.com  before you make your first deposit.

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