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Stuck at 1 Million

Success Hacks — 29 Feb 2024

Stuck at $1 Million: How to Scale Your Media Buying Business Strategies

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  • Stuck at $1 Million: How to Scale Your Media Buying Business Strategies

Stuck at $1 Million: How to Scale Your Media Buying Business Strategies

In digital advertising, especially within the iGaming industry, scaling media buying strategies efficiently is crucial for success. As the demand for media buying strategies continues to rise, advertisers must navigate the complexities of managing resources, leveraging advanced technologies, and optimizing their media spend. 

In this article, we will explain what media buying is, delve into the key aspects of scaling media buying strategies, and explain why Affise is the optimal solution for addressing these challenges.

The importance of media buying

Media buying is a strategic process through which advertisers secure space or time on various media channels to display their ads. It applies to both marketing channels (print, television, radio) and digital platforms (websites, streaming, social media). 

When executed efficiently, media buyers attain optimal exposure within their target market while minimizing expenditure. The goal of media buying is to optimize the placement of ads to ensure maximum visibility and engagement with the intended audience. 

Why media buying is important: 

  1. Targeted audience: media buying allows marketers to reach a specific audience precisely. By strategically selecting media channels that align with the demographics, interests, and behaviors of their target audience, marketers can maximize the impact of their campaigns.
  2. Channels variety: media buying allows marketers to diversify their advertising efforts. This versatility enables them to connect with different segments of their audience through channels that suit their preferences.
  3. Brand awareness: effective media buying ensures that a brand is consistently and prominently visible to its target audience. Regular exposure through carefully chosen media channels contributes to increased brand awareness, helping to establish and reinforce a brand’s identity in the minds of consumers.
  4. Cost efficiency: media buying involves negotiating and securing advertising space at optimal rates. This cost-effective approach enables marketers to make the most of their budget, ensuring that they reach their target audience without unnecessary expenses.
  5. Performance optimization: media buying involves the use of analytics tools to track the performance of advertising campaigns in real time. This data-driven approach enables marketers to assess the effectiveness of their strategies and make timely adjustments to optimize performance.

Media buying process

The media buying process can be roughly divided into the following stages:

  1. Preparation 
  2. Campaign creation 
  3. Optimization 
  4. Scaling 

The first three phases center on crucial activities related to acquiring ad placement spots, the creation of ads, and promoting them. The fourth stage involves expanding the scope of the ad campaign to amplify the ROI, leveraging insights derived from the data and information gathered during the three phases.

Brands have the flexibility to expand and scale ad campaigns without specific limitations. Affise recommends the tips discussed below to get the best outcomes.

How to scale media buying strategies

Scaling media buying strategies involves various practices. Here you can read about key steps to scale media buying strategies effectively.

Efficient management and optimization

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to managing media buying operations. Advertisers need to streamline their processes, from campaign creation to performance tracking, to stay ahead in the competitive iGaming sector. The capability to make real-time adjustments to campaigns enhances your control over performance, especially when supported by consistent and precise measurements. 

Affise offers a centralized platform that allows advertisers to manage multiple campaigns seamlessly and optimize campaigns based on up-to-date information. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process of setting up, monitoring, and optimizing iGaming media buying strategies, ensuring a more efficient workflow. 

Human resource pool

Building and managing a skilled human resource pool is essential for the success of any media buying business. Effective management and onboarding of media buying teams are crucial. Slow decision-making affects revenue and reputation among advertisers. Lack of performance monitoring is another key problem companies face. 

Affise provides tools that empower teams to collaborate effectively. Whether it’s tracking team performance, assigning roles, or monitoring individual contributions, Affise facilitates a collaborative environment for the human resource pool. This ensures that iGaming media buying strategies are executed with precision and expertise. 

With Affise, new media buying teams can be connected instantly, starting work in just a few clicks. It provides customizable dashboards with individual access to offers and personal statistics. Affise tag management system is another comprehensive solution for efficient entity management and analyzing data with ease. All these tools make the onboarding process of new Media Buying teams quick and efficient.

In addition, companies that work with Affise value effective communication and the professionalism of managers. They admit Affise willingness to cooperate and 24/7 professional support.

Advanced technologies

The iGaming industry is characterized by its rapid technological advancements. Advertisers need to stay abreast of the latest technologies to enhance their media buying strategies. Many companies need help with handling large data volumes from media buying teams, inefficient management, and decision-making delays due to data decentralization. 

Affise integrates cutting-edge technologies that enable iGaming advertisers to stay competitive. With real-time analytics and automated reporting, Affise empowers advertisers to make data-driven decisions and adapt swiftly to market changes. 

Features such as advanced targeting, various statistical options, full-cycle tracking, unlimited API access, and flexible developments within Affise can significantly aid in scaling your business strategies.

Another valuable advanced technology is Data fusion – the real-time delivery service that transfers all the data from Affise to your AWS and Google accounts, integrating data across multiple sources into a single view. According to the Traffic Squad case study, after collaborating with Affise, their team has grown to 100 members, 40 of whom are media buyers. The team can now ensure that every media buyer has all the functionality they need to launch advertising campaigns as smoothly and quickly as possible.

BI analytics

Having access to robust Business Intelligence (BI) analytics is vital. It plays a pivotal role in shaping strategic decisions, enhancing operational efficiency, and maximizing overall performance. As the industry continues to evolve, BI analytics will remain a cornerstone for driving innovation, improving player experiences, and achieving sustained growth.

Affise goes beyond basic reporting, offering advanced BI analytics tools that provide in-depth insights into campaign performance, user behavior, and market trends. This level of analytics empowers iGaming advertisers to refine their strategies, optimize media spend, and achieve better ROI. 

Affise provides you with real-time data analytics, custom reports for tailored data grouping, a calculator for custom metrics, a landing page and trafficback statistics, a time-to-action report with an anti-fraud option, and custom dashboards. 

Why Affise?

Affise is a leading provider of cutting-edge tracking solution for Media Buying teams. It handles large data volumes and protects your data. It’s an excellent decision, and the right move, especially for growing media buying teams that face unstable trackers work when volumes increase. 

Affise emerges as a comprehensive solution for media buying strategies, addressing the challenges faced by advertisers in the industry. Whether it’s optimizing media spend, leveraging advanced technologies, or efficiently managing human resources, Affise offers a unified platform that caters to the unique needs of iGaming advertisers.

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