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We strive to create a better society through a range of global initiatives designed for long-lasting impact

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manage, track, analyse and optimise affiliate programs and to create CPA networks. Advertisers, digital marketing agencies and publishers choose Affise for best-in-class tools, full-cycle customer service and predictive conversion-based costs.

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Affise company photo
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Affise company photo
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Culture code highlights

We communicate openly with our colleagues, staying honest and straightforward

We believe that open and honest communication allows our team to be more engaged. Being transparent and staying on top of each other's activities helps our teammates realize that their job is important for the company's success. Effective communication allows everyone to be on the same page and move toward the same goal.

We accept diversity and inclusiveness across all aspects — gender, language, culture, opinion, and belief

We believe diversity creates excellence, as diverse teams provide a wider range of opinions and experience and bring more robust results. We aspire to be an organization where anyone of any background, race, gender identity, or beliefs is welcome and valued. We all might look differently and this doesn’t make any difference as long as we love what we do and deliver the best results for Affise.

We admit mistakes freely, learn from them and move forward. No matter what, we stay resilient and positive

We value those who give things a try. Sometimes we fail, but failure makes us smarter and gives us new knowledge and expertise. For us, failure is an opportunity to grow, not a reason to feel demotivated to move on. At the end of the day, the only person who never makes a mistake is the person who never does anything.

We bring value and can easily push ourselves further than needed

Affise is a startup, and we are moving really fast. New functions are sprouting like mushrooms in the rain, and it just doesn't make sense to have "one person for one job." If we see something that needs to be done, we do it without questioning whether it falls within our responsibilities or not. We want colleagues who care to contribute, and we applaud those who don't put any boundaries around their functions.

We use every chance to learn and self-improve

We learn swiftly and eagerly and are always striving to improve ourselves. We are curious about new possibilities, and we act to explore them. Our best teammates are people who're similarly passionate about learning and exploring new opportunities.

We get things done

We all want to give our best, sometimes even going the extra mile. But perfection can be an enemy of progress. We know that being done is better than being perfect and focus on getting results rather than getting bogged down in the process.

We seek what is best for the company and we never apply the “I am too senior for this work” approach

We act like owners, which means spotting problems and working to fix them. We help each other out and are ready to roll up our sleeves to get things done no matter which role we're sitting in.

We treat each other’s time as a valuable resource

We all know time is precious, so we treat our coworkers' time like our own. We trust our employees in organising tasks and setting priorities to work efficiently and keep work-life balance

We make decisions using 90% data and 10% intuition

We like data and dashboards to be an objective way to measure progress and results. We use the information to gain insight, not to be bogged down and torturing the numbers. Still, we can intuitively handle situations where we don't have enough facts or data but want to move things along.

We don` t #@!% the customer

Customers are our lifeblood. Without happy customers, we’re doomed. So, put the customer first.