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Affise is a Traffic Tracking Platform for creating your own Affiliate Network. It supports Advertisers, Agencies, and Networks needing a customizable product to manage their direct publisher relationships

Take your performance marketing to the next level

Create, kickstart and manage your own Advertising Network in the most effective way ever.
Affiliates and advertisers, creatives and conversions, offers and payments – everything is right where you need it, easy to manage and analyze.

No charge for clicks

Save up to 90% of your costs as we do not charge for clicks! Be free to use low conversion traffic sources

PRO Network management

Advanced Offer and Affiliate Management System: Unique Smart Caps, Bids, Offers Panel and much more! Managing your network has never been so easy

Feature-rich API

It’s so easy to make Affise and your custom solutions work together. We provide smooth integration, as well as managed API integration service

Features you won’t find anywhere else

Best in class fraud protection

Forget about fraud. FraudScore and 24metrics are the leading ad fraud detection and prevention services. Assess your traffic in real time and protect yourself from fraud once and for all

Unique automation tools

Create automated triggers that will help you to avoid human errors, thus maximizing your KPI. Automate your bidding strategy based on Retention Rate for each affiliate, and more

Affiliate management

Managing your affiliates has never been this simple. Divide them into several groups with different custom rights. Tag them. Use tickets, automated billing system, news and more

Smart Targeting

Maximize your ROI using Smart target with 15+ data points. Target campaigns by device, ISP, carrier, OS or browser, language, location, including cities and even zip codes

Multiple prices, currencies, payouts

Set price for each payout using CPC, CPM, revshare, or a combination of these. Use as many currencies as you need

Reinvented Real-time Statistics

Real-time statistics with over 49 slices (breakdowns) providing you with the data you can trust. Create custom calculations for each report and share via Custom Reporting Views instead of just exporting your reports to Excel

Smart Caps

Unique feature that instantly increases your revenue up to 10-15% through smart caps management between your affiliates. You and your affiliates won’t lose traffic anymore

Internal team management

Customise user and department access to the platform, as well as individual role access controls. Track all the changes made by your team and understand easily why these changes were made

Fast and easy to set up

You need only 55 seconds to get our/your own affiliate network with 99.99% uptime and fast scaling for your big data solutions. Your dedicated tech support will help you to set up Affise and add offers

Demand Collector

Game changer for CPA Industry! Easy two-way communication.
No code. No hassle. 100% Free!

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Trusted by the best brands in performance marketing

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  • GamesBerry
  • S2s
  • ShooGloo
  • Velis Media
  • Mobco
  • DSNR Media Group

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