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Data transfer platform
for partner marketing

Get rid of manual work to scale and grow even faster.
Our solution lets you work with a vast amount of
advertisers and thousands of offers by automatically
transferring data and connecting your system with
offers sources.

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Lead your partnership
program toward success


Set a prompt integration with a bulk of advertisers and pull any amount of offers into tracking platforms and in-house solutions.


Get a fast and unlimited synchronization cycle without any charge or upgrading the plan.


Get a fully automated process of transferring and synchronizing data and analyze the results of your campaigns.


Set up different rules to transfer offers only with those parameters you need.


Use the largest list of offers sources in the industry. Add a new one. Make it private for personal use only.

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Integrated sources


Offers transferred from different sources per day


Offers/sec Speed of synchronization


Agencies which run offers from CPAPI

Thinking of expanding your brand awareness?

Reach out to us to get a place in the industry's largest marketplace which already includes more than 200 integrated offers sources.


Benefit from the most powerful

and scalable integration system!


Frequently asked questions

CPAPI can be integrated into any kind of software for performance marketing.

Owing to the API integration established with sources on one side and your system on the other, CPAPI is acquiring access to raw data and importing them following the rules of the recipient system.

The flexible setup system allows filtering offers by countries, os, devices, currencies and payout. Besides, there is an option to manually select offers for further delivering into the recipient system.

CPAPI is constantly screening all available offers in sources. In case of any changes CPAPI immediately updates the offers in the recipient system.

You can set privacy level, status, redirect type and many more for multiple offers, before transferring data from CPAPI to your system.

You can decide how often particular information will be synced: one time, always or never.