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Our main goal is to provide the service of the highest quality possible. To achieve it, we work with the experts of the market, whose technologies meet our quality standards. Together, we ensure comfortable use and stable performance of the solutions within our platform.

You have a product that presents value for the operational workflow of affiliate or another business?

If it is something that can help our clients to automate their day-to-day workflow, then we are on the same page!

We are looking for solutions that will ensure stability for our clients' operational tasks, thus allowing them to concentrate on the core of their business.

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Are you looking for solutions to automate specific working processes to become more effective?

While taking care of the affiliate side of your business Affise is also eager to help with automation of your daily workflow.

Don't spend time starting from scratch, take advantage of already made solutions.With our feature-rich API you can integrate any needed device! Just "plug-in" and you are all set and ready to go.

Marketplace possibilities

It is a perfect stack of services to optimize your everyday workflow
Fraud Prevention
Detect and score fraud activities in real time, protect your campaigns from fraudulent activities
Workflow Automation
Pull thousands of offers and integrate with 50 biggest advertisers within a few seconds
Automate your billing processes and get control over cash flow, while being complied with tax legislation
BI Event Streaming
Stream live data of impressions, clicks and conversions to your accounts and analyse it with BI tools
Ad Campaign Optimisation
Optimise your ad campaigns, manage the workflow of affiliates, advertisers and their documents
CR Optimisation
Improve the quality of traffic, cut down the time on your CR and Fraud enhancement

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