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Data-driven marketing performs more than 5x better*

Affise Performance harnesses the power of data to maximize your marketing spend. We’re simplifying partnerships with our advanced tracking platform so that you can reach more customers at a fraction of the cost.

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Find your ideal brands and publishers quicker with smart data filtering to search through thousands of partners on our network. Advanced analytics across traffic and sales channels helps you test new strategies more quickly.

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We’ll help you to scale partnerships and take full control of your network. Running affiliate programmes through Performance gives you huge capability for targeted outreach to maximize your ROI.

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Understand more about customers
than ever before

Get more insight from your existing platforms through our feature-rich API, with nearly 50 different breakdowns of data available to users. Get a detailed breakdown of customers, traffic and partners, all from a single dashboard.

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Customize your data

With advanced data filtering and visualization, build custom dashboards to manage your campaigns more effectively.

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Track performance

See exactly what’s working and what isn’t with our superior tracking tools. Tweak, test and launch new strategies.


Automate your workflow

Save time and money with automated anti-fraud tools and easy integration with your existing tech stack using our feature-rich API.

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We’re building an affiliate marketing ecosystem. You should be a part of it.

Affise is more than just another marketing tool. It’s an entire community of agencies, networks, brands and publishers, plugged in ready and waiting to partner up. Performance gives networks and agencies the edge with in-depth analytics to build powerful campaigns. Automate and integrate your tech stack for low-effort, high-performance results.

Innovate your marketing spend with Affise.

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