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Maximizing results

Tips & Guides — 26 Mar 2024

Maximizing Results with the Latest Smartlinks Update:

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  • Maximizing Results with the Latest Smartlinks Update: A Game Changer for Performance Marketing

Maximizing Results with the Latest Smartlinks Update: A Game Changer for Performance Marketing

In the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for achieving outstanding results. Based on our analytics, the recent Smartlinks update has shown a significant update in efficiency and effectiveness for our clients’ performance marketing campaigns.

This update has introduced several key enhancements that have changed the way Smartlinks operate, providing our clients with unparalleled results. Here, we dive into the details about these updates and how they’ve led to remarkable outcomes for our clients.

New Updates to Smartlinks

The latest update has introduced several innovative features to Smartlinks, tailored to enhance performance and provide more control over traffic distribution. Here’s a brief overview of these new features:

1. Advertiser Selection

Users can now directly work with specific advertisers within a Smartlink, ensuring that traffic is distributed among all offers from the chosen advertisers efficiently. You can also allocate a specific % for each advertiser’s offers within the Smartlink.

Edit Smartlink

2. Weight-Based Traffic Distribution

This feature allows for the weight-based distribution of traffic among offers added to the Smartlink. It determines the chance of the user being redirected to the offer based on the assigned weights, enabling a more targeted approach to traffic distribution.

3. Enhanced Trafficback Options

The update introduces the ability to add a default trafficback and partner-specific trafficback to the Smartlink, providing a safe fallback option when no suitable offers are found, ensuring optimal traffic distribution.

Impactful Results: Before and After the Update

The impact of the Smartlinks update is most effectively demonstrated by comparing performance metrics from equivalent time periods before and after the update.
We analyzed two equal durations—one preceding the Smartlinks update and the other following it. We evaluated key metrics indicative of engagement and the update’s effectiveness, including the number of clicks tracked via Smartlinks, as well as average Conversion Rate (CR) and Earnings Per Click (EPC):

  • Clicks & Conversions: Smartlink clicks increased from 16.11 billion 24.39 billion for the comparison period. This shows increased utilization of Smartlinks by our clients. 
  • Average EPC (Earnings Per Click): Smartlink EPC increased from 0.000085 to 0.000241 (2.83x increase), highlighting the enhanced effectiveness of Smartlinks in generating revenue per click.
  • Average CR (Conversion Rate): There was an increase in CR from 0.0021 to 0.00263 (20% increase), indicating a higher conversion rate post-update, which translates to more conversions relative to the number of clicks.

Leveraging New Features: Use Cases

The update’s new features have increased the number of scenarios our clients can employ:
  • Use Case 1
    Activating select advertisers’ offers within Smartlinks allows our clients to streamline their efforts and fine-tune their campaigns for optimal results. This approach saves time as it eliminates the need for manually adding offers to Smartlink individually.
    By whitelisting a particular advertiser in Smartlink, all of that advertiser’s offers are automatically incorporated into the Smartlink in bulk.
  • Use Case 2
    The implementation of affiliate-specific trafficback offers enhanced flexibility in managing traffic for each affiliate, ensuring that every click holds the potential for conversion and thereby optimizing traffic effectiveness. Certain affiliates have their own smartlinks to which they aim to redirect traffic, maximizing profitability.
  • Use Case 3
    The ability to assign weights to offers allows for nuanced control over which offers are promoted more heavily, enabling clients to prioritize most lucrative or relevant offers from their advertisers.


The Smartlinks update represents a significant update in Smartlink technology, providing our clients with more control, better results, and greater efficiency.

By leveraging these new updates, our clients have witnessed substantial improvements in their marketing campaigns’ performance.

For more detailed insights and strategies on how to utilize new Smartlinks to their fullest potential, we encourage you to explore the Smartlinks documentation.

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