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News — 08 Oct 2021

Affise Awarded with ePrivacyseal

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Affise Successfully Completes ePrivacy Certification

“The security of our clients’ data is a foundational aspect of the Affise platform and our strategy as a whole,” says Dmitrii Zotov, Affise CTO upon obtaining ePrivacyseal.

The ePrivacyseal is a data protection seal of approval following an in-depth audit of a company’s online and mobile products. The certification covers the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for digital products, which catalog of criteria is continuously being adapted to the interpretation of the European and other data protection laws. In simple words, if a company is awarded the ePrivacyseal, it means that it processes the data according to all privacy standards. For partners, it is a quality certificate that shows the company’s trustworthiness and adherence to the industry standards.

Affise puts ePrivacy first. And what about your business?

When growing an affiliate business, marketers usually think of making big money in the first place. Once they reach the desired level of income, they start thinking about other fundamental things that make the whole business safe. At this point, they start thinking about business protection, safety, and stable growth. 

Have you already asked yourself a question of whether you trust your service providers in all respects? When choosing those solutions and comparing pricing quotes, do you respectively incur costs for security measures? If so, you are on the right way, if not yet, then it’s high time to take your data privacy seriously. 

Fully compliant with the GDPR. If you work with Affise, your data is safe

At Affise, we take full responsibility for securing the system and sparing our customers’ data from any risk. We keep the customers’ data safe, thereby enabling them to focus on business development.

Already, we did our job in gaining the trust and loyalty of our customers through complete transparency in relationships, accountability, and the way we protect their interests as our own. We care about all aspects of the customer’s business, including the legal one.

With a multi-level data protection system and strict verification implemented in the platform, Affise delivers a comprehensive solution that takes care of the legal side of performance marketing, allowing for a long-term win-win partnership. We strictly comply with all the requirements of the relevant organizations by introducing processes and practices for ensuring security and monitoring their implementation.

When talking about data security Affise is committed to:

  • look after and assure the security and confidentiality of Personal Data;
  • protect against any anticipated threats or hazards to the security and integrity of Personal Data;
  • safeguard against any actual unauthorized data processing, loss, use, disclosure, acquisition or access to any Personal Data.

 Affise serves as a data processor and has no direct interaction with end-users. Affise values transparency and fulfills obligations towards existing clients, as data-controllers, regarding their requests to delete data containing end user’s personal data or any personal data Affise stores regarding its customer’s employees, affiliates, and advertisers. 

Affise commits to continuously monitoring the effectiveness of its information safeguards and to a yearly compliance audit by a Third Party to assure the measures and controls in place.

 Several extracts from Affise data security audit:        

  • Server Location of Data Processing: Affise stores the data on Amazon Servers in the United States and LeaseWeb Servers in Amsterdam. Affise entered into a data processing agreement with AWS and Leaseweb, respectively, that meet the legal requirements of art. 28 GDPR. 
  • Deleting data: Affise pledges to delete or return the personal data after termination or expiration of the agreement between Affise and our customers. Data deletion is performed in a secure manner, in compliance with the GDPR, which implies the prevention of illegal access to personal data.    
  • Privacy policy: Affise informs Internet users about privacy issues. The privacy policy explains how Affise collects, uses, and shares the information they receive about clients and consumers. Affise explains the options that are available to Internet users and how a user can contact Affise. Affise informs users about different ways to exercise their preferences. 
  • Data sensitivity: No sensitive information is collected, particularly regarding racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or sex life.
  • Website contact-form: Affise offers a contact form on its website, thus allowing users to get in contact with the company in case of any question about the above-described services. Data transmission is ensured through a TLS/SSL secured connection.     
  • Instruction of employees and customers: All employees are trained and required to maintain confidentiality about all consumer and customer data. 
  • Device-ID: Affise works with a unique Device ID blanking for all EU countries. So no Device-ID or identifier is stored.

ePrivacy certification – on the way to data protection

To obtain ePrivacy certification, we implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures into Affise software development life cycle for ensuring that personal data is processed strictly in accordance with our customers’ instructions and configurations, such as:  

  • Ensure that Personal Data is collected only when the assurance of user consent is obtained;     
  • Prohibit selling or re-brokering of personal data;    
  • Allowing Opt-out/opt-in options;
  • Honoring do-not-track privacy choices.

“After conducting substantial testing and evaluation process of Affise performance marketing technology, we can ensure the secureness of Affise by awarding it with ePrivacySeal.” ePrivacy certification auditor.

 Your company is searching for a reliable technology provider to drive affiliate business? Try Affise!

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