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Welcome Onboard Package

We offer a free Onboarding Package to everyone who signs up for a free trial on our platform. A dedicated onboarding specialist will set up and customize your account for you and then guide you through the interface.

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During the free demo, our team will provide you with a one-on-one training session and will answer all of your questions. We are happy to provide assistance with every step of the way!

During your free trial period, you will have our dedicated attention and we will show you how to get the most out of our platform. We will discuss features with you, help you to customize your dashboards for convenience, and optimise your settings based on your niche business requirements.

With our FREE onboarding package
for all plans you can:

Create up to 5 users and manage user roles.

Create/import up to 5 affiliates and initiate affiliate integration testing.

Create up to 5 offers and initiate offers integration testing.

Create/import up to 5 advertisers and learn about postback setup.

Monitor your postback activity to prevent broken integrations.

Adjust general platform settings including emails, domains, brand set-up, and sign-up fields.

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Our Onboarding Package is absolutely free! We invite you to enjoy our advanced marketing platform with the support of our professional onboarding team.

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