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Updates — 08 May 2023

Top Features For Partnership Marketing

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What Features Affise Performance Launched In 2022 To Meet Customer Demands

2023 is just around the corner. But before it arrives, let’s talk about 2022. This year was marked by the return of major events and profound changes in consumer behavior. As a result, brands and digital marketers have watched that the tactics for promoting a campaign across marketing channels are no longer the same. In contrast, partnership programs have become the most popular way for modern brands to achieve desired goals.

Meanwhile, the Affise team has been busy developing and improving the Affise Performance features to meet the challenges of recent times. Additionally, we have added to the Affise ecosystem two new products: Affise Reach, a partnership marketing platform that allows brands to find new partners, track and manage campaigns to generate more revenue, and Affise MMP, a solution that enables a business to scale and increase user engagement by understanding the customer lifecycle.

In this article, we have selected the most valuable updates of Affise Performance in  2022 that you can incorporate into your marketing routines now. The goal has been to improve our current and future customers’ experience, increase the results of marketing campaigns, and enable brands to make the most of partnership opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at these updates and see how they can benefit your marketing efforts.

10 Top Affise Performance Features released in 2022

1 – Events Report

Optimizing the user experience is necessary for brands that want to be successful in the following years. One of the reasons is that knowing how your audience interacts with your product or service is essential to seeking new opportunities and valuable leads.

Our feature, released this year, allows digital marketers to access more data and make accurate decisions. It makes it possible to create more promising campaigns by considering the user journey. As a result, brands can better understand the audience’s main reactions when connecting with a particular product and improve their experiences.

In short, with Affise’s event report, launched this year, it is possible to:

  • Get a complete picture of your audience’s behavior within your product or service;
  • Analyze user performance and their journey;
  • Create high-performance campaigns;
  • Understand more in-depth by analyzing the events that led to conversion through the analysis of tailored achieved goals.

Affise introduces Events report

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2 – Advertiser Panel Updates

The possibility of customization has extended to various areas of marketing and also when we talk about building long-term partnerships with advertisers, affiliates, and influencers. One way to provide more customization to your partners is to make a unique panel. For example, we can cite the experience of Valuadle, who created a customized version of the advertiser panel using the Affise platform.

Thanks to this year’s updates, it is now possible to add offers to the advertiser panel, which:

  • Simplify interaction and makes partnerships more transparent by allowing advertisers to add offers directly to their accounts through the Affise platform.

How Valuadle grew its affiliate base over 60% and increased its traffic volume by 4x times with Affise

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“The custom affiliate dashboard is a great marketing tool for attracting new affiliates. It's tailored to our business needs and provides our affiliates with a fresh, easy-to-use interface. If you want your affiliate panel tailored to your business needs, I recommend contacting one of the Affise's Customer Success Managers!”

3 – Additional API Integrations

APIs are an essential component when thinking about partnership marketing software. In short, they form a bridge that allows two software to communicate using a set of definitions and protocols. Thus, we’ve upgraded this feature and made it more accurate for marketing campaigns regarding promo codes, conversions, and billing.  This will help to attract customers, generate value, retain buyers, avoid churn, and more. As part of our tool enhancements, Affise customers can now:

  • Import promo codes via API: Add promo codes into the Affise platform by API integration easily.
  • Conversions upload (CRM) by webmasters via API: Reduce admin work by allowing your affiliates to upload conversions via API.
  • Billing API: Manage the entire payment system by seamlessly integrating your system to Affise via our billing API.

4 – Revenue Prediction

Companies commonly make decisions based on the previous year’s data, but there are more efficient methods to plan your budget accurately nowadays. As a result, you can predict your campaign’s performance and act accordingly. Our resource helps you make decisions based not only on past events but also on those that are about to happen in the future. In short, with our Revenue Prediction, you can: 

  • Be ready for any ups and downs and manage your budget for the next month;
  • Take advantage of capitalizing on some new offerings to help offset those months when there may be a down period in sales or any other user activity;
  • And more.

5 – Affise Checker

In 2021, we launched the Affise Checker, a feature that helps to manage traffic effectively. You can get advertiser performance reports, access retargeting statistics, and select the most profitable campaigns.

You can test separate links using a manual verifier and see a clear redirect path to your destination. For those who need to process hundreds or thousands of offers, the automatic Checker is ideal; it monitors offers according to the settings a user configures. That means to say that this feature works both manually and automatically. This year, we improved this resource by adding the new offer pause and disabling feature. It recourse helps to save money on underperforming offers by:

  • Automatically decide to pause or disable offers that don’t meet your set parameters, saving you money and time.

How Affise Checker Helps FPK Marketing Grow Their Revenue

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“We use Checker to control offers' availability on the advertiser's side, and it helps us to save traffic costs for affiliates and establish trustful partnerships with them. As a result, traffic redirection from disabled offers to live ones increased our income by 10-12% monthly.”

6 – Social Media Tracking

We’ve seen how social media is becoming part of the consumer buying journey, as 43% of consumers interact with brands, products, or services through social media networks. That means that more and more people, especially younger consumers, are using social media to discover or get in touch with brands. 

As a result, social media platforms have tested new features to meet this growing need. In contrast, brands increasingly need to keep up with what is relevant to the audience and be familiar with these new resources by tracking them properly. To help with, our new features allow digital marketers to:

  • Set up TikTok or Facebook ad campaigns and track results directly on the Affise platform. This makes tracking and measuring the results generated with partners across different touchpoints much easier. 

7 – Automation features

Automation is all we have heard about in 2022. Managing thousands of offers or partners, activities, processes, and more requires automating the processes. That’s why we’ve worked hard to improve our capabilities and offer the best automation resources to our customers.

How Much Time And Resources Can You Save With Affise?

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Thanks to the lasts upgrades, our bulk action tool now allows you to save even more time by making it easy to manage thousands of affiliates with one click by enabling or disabling affiliates from the bulk advertiser list:

  • It helps assign or disable affiliates across multiple offers with a single action instead of going through each offer one by one. In addition, this feature is available for offers; it allows you to select, assign, add, replace or delete one or multiple items across multiple offers with a single action.

8 – Offline tracking

As customer preferences change, 28% say they’re concerned about spending too much time on social media, motivated by many reasons, including wellness. This is causing many companies to rethink their strategies and invest in offline campaigns to reach people out of social media channels.

In this scenario, QR codes are a great way to track interactions and stimulate offline sales. They work well to expand the reach of any partner program, allowing you to promote it in subways, shops, and other physical locations where you can place a QR code.

So this year, we implemented our platform with robust and easy-to-use QR code tracking. With it, it’s seamless to track and correctly attribute offline sales from QR codes:

  • Anyone can scan the generated QR code in Affise with their smartphone camera; 
  • The code will redirect the person to the landing page of the offer;
  • If the person completes the desired action, the details will be sent back to Affise and then shown in the affiliate tracking system.

Affise Expands Your Tracking Opportunities And Releases A New QR Code Feature

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9 – Impressions Updates

Undoubtedly, the growth in affiliate and influencer marketing in 2022 has taken this industry to a new level. More and more companies want to create new partnerships as they understand their business’s short- and long-term benefits. However, for brands to meet their goals, it is important to pay close attention to fraudulent activity that can put everything at risk by affecting campaigns and impressions.

Fraud has affected many advertising campaigns in recent years. Fraudulent tactics have become increasingly complex and require robust, end-to-end solutions to ensure your marketing efforts remain secure. Affise provides one of the best-in-class fraud prevention systems, updated to analyze conversions through a wide list of filters, such as duplicate IPs or bot-like behavior. 

The following update makes it possible to detect fraudulent activity with unprecedented accuracy:

  • Cap on Impressions, which provides full control over campaigns, allowing to stop possible fraud by limiting impressions.

10 – Advanced Postbacks

One of the essential features of affiliate marketing software is the variety of tracking and postbacks. However, it’s important to remember that regional compliance and third-party tracking protections are deciding factors in determining the software’s potential. The Affise platform features tracking methods that rely on pixels and URLs, among others. Additionally, as of this year, it has become possible: 

  • A new option allows brands to send cross-postbacks to MMPs via GET/POST methods. It integrates with more mobile measurement partners, and on the Affise platform, it is possible to choose your preferred method to transfer data to MMPs.

To sum up

We have been working hard to improve our customers’ experience. Our primary goal is always to make it easy to manage, automate and scale profitable partnerships.

Looking ahead to 2023, we are committed to improving our ecosystem. Our customers rely on our products to achieve better results and scale up their businesses. Thus, ensuring we deliver the best customer experience will be our top priority for the upcoming year.

Soon we will reveal our 2023 product roadmap details. Stay tuned to know what features and updates we will build to help our customers overcome their pain points and meet their needs.

You can already start to get the most out of partnership marketing from now on. For that,  we encourage you to try Affise Performance. With this tool, you can track your KPIs face-to-face and efficiently. You can set the best payout option, affiliate commissions, custom reports, fraud detection, easy-to-use dashboards, payment reports, and more to track key indicators seamlessly.

The range of features you need to start with partnership marketing is available for you to try. Get started now with Affise Performance 

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