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How Valuadle grew its affiliate base over 60% and increased its traffic volume by 4x times with Affise


Valuadle is an advertising company that aims to offer its clients customized campaign models and innovative strategies. To achieve its goals, the company needed a reliable performance marketing platform with customization features that would allow its clients and partners to personalize its processes smoothly.

Affise allowed Valuadle to leverage advanced customization features to streamline affiliate needs and even attract new partners, increasing its affiliate base by 66%. Using Affise, it was possible to change the fonts, offer list design, statistics, and other elements to customize the affiliate panel to the company's style.

Valuadle saw a significant 4X increase in traffic volume, a 2.4X increase in conversion rate, and a 2.5X decrease in trafficback. Download the full case study to learn how Valuadle achieved incredible results with Affise.

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