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Tips & Guides — 12 Jan 2023

Save time and resources with Affise

How Much Time And Resources Can You Save With Affise?

Affiliate management software is an increasingly popular alternative for networks. One of the reasons is that it is cheaper than developing an in-house solution. But that’s not all: a SaaS partnership marketing platform helps avoid the most common financial losses when managing multiple affiliates.

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The main cost of running an affiliate program is usually associated with managing the programs. To run it sustainably, network owners need to consider the time spent on each task and prevent resources from being drained by time wasted on repetitive tasks, fraudulent activities,  expensive costs, and so on. Additionally, many brands are leveraging partners and influencers for their campaigns. So, relying on SaaS affiliate management platforms that don’t charge for clicks is crucial to your budget, as you’ll pay only for desired actions.

Another advantage of affiliate management software is that it tends to outweigh the initial expenses you will have at the beginning, especially in the long run of your affiliate network. Below, we will comment on the main aspects that a SaaS platform can help you.

  • Automation

Tracking many partners, using different tools, small teams to manage multiple channels, and more. These activities take up a lot of time that could be spent on more critical tasks. As a result, network agencies have to manage more marketing activities, leading them to look for features that automate repetitive tasks.

Not surprisingly, 96% of marketers have used a marketing automation platform for their business, and almost 50% of companies have started using it for the first time within the last four years. Thanks to Affise Performance’s automation capabilities, networks can operate much more efficiently and save up to 4 hours of work per day, as we compiled below:

  • CPAPI feature saves 3-4 hours working with many advertisers and offers. It helps to sync offers with advertisers automatically;
  • Invoice auto-generating saves 6-12 hours per month;
  • Easy integration with partners (methods + clear instructions + support and CS) helps to save time 2-3 times more than usual. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes to set up the links and check their work with a partner or advertiser.
  • Fraud

Fraud continues to affect many affiliate systems, especially networks. Undoubtedly, it is one of the main reasons companies waste marketing budgets. It affects not only your traffic volume but also the health of your network in general, and it’s not good to lose control over a network over years of time and effort.

Below, you can see the percentage of potentially fraudulent conversions detected by the Affise platform from our internal material source:

In affiliate marketing, several activities can be considered fraudulent. However, fraud does not always manifest in apparent actions. To avoid losing your marketing efforts, relying on a platform with anti-fraud prevention features is essential. We have compiled how much time you can save:

  • Affise keeps your network safe by limiting 10-15% on trafficback for security reasons, ensuring automation measures while providing basic anti-fraud features;
  • Affise software’s anti-fraud features reduce approximately 5-7% of fraudulent conversions, considering minimum click session duration, allowed IP, non-unique IP, click-level anti-fraud, and secure zip code.

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  • Commissions

For some time now, advertising through major channels like Facebook, Google, and Amazon has become more expensive. Let’s look at the average cost per action (CPA) on Facebook:

Source: Wordstream

Another disadvantage of pay-per-click advertising is that the costs can add up quickly and waste your budget. In addition, clicks and visits alone do not always lead to sales; the work of raising awareness or persuading a potential consumer remains.

In performance marketing, on the other hand, the amount to be paid should be calculated based on the number of commissions each affiliate earns. Advertisers pay only for actual conversions and not clicks. Thus, it is possible to work more comprehensively on campaigns and marketing objectives with your partners, which will increase brand awareness, introduce the brand to a new audience, or stimulate sales. 

Affiliate commissions are often used to include affiliates in campaigns, and the most common rate is 10-12%. Ideally, you should consider offering outstanding affiliates a higher payout when you set them. Affise can help you explore the following opportunities:

  • Using the Commission Tiers, a feature of the Affise platform, you can make the most of your marketing budget instead of manually calculating income and relevant bonuses per affiliate. Once affiliates reach a particular number of conversions or a certain revenue, bonuses are automatically added, saving you around 2 hours per day.
  • CR, Click, and KPI automation save 2-3 hours of affiliate managers’ work every day; For instance, with the Affise KPI feature, you can set up the KPI rule and maximize profitability automatically; the algorithm will block the traffic sources that fail to meet your KPIs.

The amount of value saved by each company will vary and depends on the short, medium, and long-term goals set for each campaign. Remember that to keep your network resources, it is essential to use a partnership marketing software that allows you to pay commissions based on performance and does not charge per click.

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To sum up

Affiliate management software with advanced features will allow you to focus on growing your business and scaling it without drave your time or resources. In this article, we have visited topics such as automation, fraud, and commissions, crucial elements to consider when running a network business. Let’s recap the most important benefits to save your time and resources when using Affise:

  • 3 hours of affiliate managers’ work every day; CPAPI saves additional 4 hours working with many advertisers and offers. 
  • Invoice auto-generating – saves 12 hours per month;
  • Limiting up to 15% on trafficback for security reasons and preventing approximately up to 7% of fraudulent conversions;
  • Calculate bonuses automatically with the Commission Tiers feature and save up to 2 hours per day.

Affise performance is a complete partnership marketing software with bulletproof features that allow networks business to run affiliate management efficiently by providing a range of needed resources. It is ideal for an affiliate marketing platform solution to help you to achieve your network’s KPIs.

Make sure your network is covered by a platform that offers a range of features. Need more than 7 days to try? No problem!

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