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Tips & Guides — 05 Jul 2022

How to Create Compelling Affiliate Offers

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How to Create an Affiliate Offer Your Partners Will Be Happy to Promote

Starting your own affiliate program is a bulletproof strategy to ensure the constant influx of new customers for your business. However, business owners should bear in mind that they can’t just get laid-back about customer acquisition and pass the worries about it to affiliate partners.

Moreover, to get the desirable results, merchants have to put extra effort into engaging potential affiliates. The latter is a key element in affiliate marketing because they control the most valuable resource — Internet traffic. 

Affiliate marketers have to bridge the gap between audience’s and merchants’ interests. And the more successful they are in this task, the pickier they can be when choosing new products and services to promote. Thus, to attract the right affiliates and get the most high-quality traffic, affiliate managers have to provide partners with offers they’d love to share.

What Is an Affiliate Offer?

There is no clear-cut definition of an affiliate offer. In a nutshell, it’s a public proposition from a merchant to advertise a specific product or service in exchange for affiliate commission. So, the advertiser chooses an item to market and creates an offer. An affiliate sees the offer and takes it for promotion. When a conversion happens, the affiliate gets a payout.

World of Tanks Offer Preview

To make an affiliate offer available for publishers, merchants place them on the company’s website, in an affiliate network’s directory, or inside an affiliate management platform. Let’s explore how the affiliate offer in Affise looks.

The main components of an affiliate offer are:

  • Offer preview — a link to a landing page that promotes a product and drives conversions. Some people mean only this landing page when talking about the affiliate offer.
  • Description — the information about the product or service a company promotes. This section may also include the description of the brand in general.
  • Creatives — logos, banners, and other visual materials new affiliates may download and deploy to create promotional content.
  • Conversion flow — an outcome you want to reach with your promotional campaign, such as app installation or purchase. This section helps publishers understand what user’s actions they need to trigger to get payouts.

Besides, offers in Affise include requirements to the publishers’ geo, desirable conversion rates and limits, allowed and prohibited traffic sources, and more. To learn more about these parameters, follow the comprehensive guide on using the Offers section inside our dashboard.

How Do Potential Affiliates Evaluate Offers?

Users’ trust and engagement is the most valuable and limited resource in online marketing. Affiliate marketers put it on the line each time they share an ad. Thus, they have to choose offers carefully and thoroughly.

To be on the same page with potential affiliate partners, let’s unpack the main things they consider when choosing offers to market.

  • Vertical. Vertical is the main offer category, such as eCommerce, gaming, dating, and so on. The vertical should correlate with a publishers’ content and the audience’s interests. Otherwise, it would confuse subscribers and result in low conversion rates and payouts.
  • Niche. On the contrary to verticals, this concept implies a highly specialized market. For instance, dating services for mature singles, credit cards for kids, or gluten-free, vegan bread. The narrower the niche, the higher referral commissions a publisher can get.
  • Product. Affiliates prefer to promote products they are familiar with as it helps to present them to the audience more accurately and vividly. A number of affiliates believe that massive-use physical products receive more attention from customers.
  • Conversion point. A conversion point or flow is an action we want our ad viewers to make. The conversion point underlies the promotion strategy an affiliate will use, from marketing channels to content formats.
  • Payouts / commissions. The amount of reward an affiliate will get for a conversion. The higher it is, the more likely a publisher will agree to promote an offer.

7 Tips to Make Your Affiliate Marketing Offers Compelling

If you want to run a successful affiliate program, attracting the right affiliates is half the battle. So let’s give a once-over to the main tricks and tactics that can help you craft an appealing affiliate marketing offer.

1. Promote Specific High-value Products

Marketing the brand in general seems enticing. Merchants often think this tactic boosts the chances for conversion, as potential customers land on the main page and can go further to choose what they want.

In fact, this approach may produce vague marketing messages and miss the mark. So, you may opt to promote specific products rather than the brand in general. Try to offer your affiliates high-value products with solid profit margins. This tactic is a win-win as it allows you to set higher referral commissions without breaking the bank.

2. Create Targeted Offers

Personalization is the be-all-and-end-all of a successful affiliate marketing campaign. 80% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. So, personalized offers are the best way to obtain customers for you and get higher payouts for your affiliates.

Unfortunately, you can hardly provide fully personalized experiences in affiliate marketing. But you can narrow the audience and adjust creatives by country, city, devices, OS, etc. Use Affise’s SmartLink feature to do so. This tool collects the user’s data, analyzes it, and automatically redirects a user to the most suitable offer. To learn more about Smartlinks, consider exploring our guide.

3. Provide Detailed Information About Your Offer

Precise offer description is a perfect way to attract the best affiliates for your product and get rid of the unsuitable ones off the bat. You may include the following things in this section:

    • A precise description of your product and company;
    • Marketing channels you want and don’t want your affiliates to employ;
    • The region you want to get conversions from;
    • Requirements to traffic;
    • Request for advertising materials approval, and so on.

Here is an example of an offer in the Affise dashboard with all the details and requirements.

4. Share Creatives and Marketing Materials

To advertise products or services most efficiently, affiliates should be at least familiar with them. Thus, if you’re not going to send them samples, provide as much accurate information as possible. If you prefer partners to generate PPC traffic, enclose logos, brand books, and other materials to help them craft on-brand banners for affiliate sites

If you prefer native formats, such as social media posts or email marketing, pay special attention to the promotional materials you offer. They should answer all the main questions customers may have about your brand. Try to employ various types of content — video showcases and tutorials, promotion tips, FAQ lists, templates, infographics, and so on. Of course, the best option is to craft quality content for all stages of the sales funnel — you can learn more about this in the separate article.

5. Offer Competitive Payouts

Passion may motivate your affiliate partners, but in the end, they are in the online business for earning the income. Thus, competitive payouts are a must-have. In addition, they help attract the best affiliates, build long-lasting partnerships, and scale your affiliate marketing program rapidly.

The reward depends on many factors, including campaign goals, verticals, products, and conversion points. To set the competitive payouts, study your competitors’ offers in affiliate networks or partner marketing platforms. 

However, bear in mind that affiliate payouts shouldn’t break your bank. To nail the pricing, use this rule of thumb — ask yourself what the highest rate or sum you can pay without going off budget and stick to it is.

6. Add Promo Codes

Providing special offers and promo codes is a bulletproof marketing strategy for driving high conversion rates. In affiliate marketing, it has an even more profound impact. If affiliates can make an exclusive offer or share personal promo codes, they can provide unique value to their readers.

To create and track unique promo codes, employ special software. It may come as a separate tool or as a part of an affiliate management platform, as Affise’s promo codes tracking solution. With this tool at hand, you can create coupons for various partnerships and affiliates, set limitations — time and usage — and track the effectiveness of your campaigns. Learn more about this feature in our guide on how to grow your business with promo codes.

7. Give Bonuses for Additional Sales

Bonuses for additional affiliate sales are a perfect way to keep your partners engaged and dedicated. The opportunity to get a higher payout incentivizes a number of affiliates to put extra efforts into content marketing.

Affiliate managers often reward publishers for hitting a certain level of revenue, the number of conversions, or new users. Setting up higher payouts for the listed achievements is possible with The Commission Tiers feature in Affise. This tool automates the process of working out income and bonuses and provides advanced flexibility.

Examples of Great Affiliate Offers

We’ve already unpacked quite a few tips to help you create compelling affiliate offers. However, practice is the mother of skills. So let’s examine a couple of great examples to help you create and optimize your offers.

World of Tanks by Wargaming Affiliate Program

The online game developer leading in the free-to-play MMO market, Wargaming, provides an A+ example of an affiliate offer to promote their World of Tanks game. The advertiser offers high payouts (up to $12), which motivate new affiliates to join their affiliate program. The additional stimulus is personal terms for partnerships based on results for high-performing publishers.

Wargaming draws a line in the sand with potential affiliates, clarifying who can join the affiliate program. Namely, they are website owners, webmasters with gaming, software, coupon, military, historical, etc. traffic. On top of that, publishers see the payment conditions, conversion flow, and geo, which alleviates the decision to promote the offer.

Aside from clarifying the offer conditions, Wargaming adds a description of the World of Tanks game and accentuates its advantages for players. Thanks to this tactic, publishers don’t flounder with presenting the product to end users.

Wargaming also describes the bonuses new players from Sweden and the Netherlands can get when joining World of Tanks. It helps the company to get more affiliates and traffic from the most perspective regions. Publishers can use this information to incentivize potential customers and boost conversion rates.

World of Warships by Wargaming Affiliate Program

The very same tactic used in the previous example, Wargaming applies to the affiliate offer for World of Warships promotion. The advertisers’ success formula may be depicted as a clear product description plus information about conversion flow and payment terms plus generous bonuses for new players.

It’s worth mentioning that Wargaming suggests publishers a bundle of payment methods, including PayPal, ACH, eCheck, Webmoney, Wire Transfer. Thus, affiliates can receive their payouts via the most convenient channels. It increases the number of people willing to join the Wargaming affiliate program.

The World of Warships offer, as well as the World of Tanks offer, has another meaningful detail we haven’t unpacked previously. Publishers can share it worldwide using a single link. This tactic saves tons of time for Wargaming affiliates, as traffic is automatically redistributed to the most suitable landing pages according to an end user’s geo and device.

Click2call Mainstream by Hypercentage Affiliate Program

Hypercentage is known in the affiliate marketing industry for its extensive experience in the telecom and marketing fields. The company specializes in rare click-to-call affiliate offers.

In the example above, Hypercentage gives a precise description of an offer and the flow, which has been developed to be the easiest possible for the end user. Payout happens in real-time at the end of each call. The company says that working with easy flows and seeing instant results motivates partners, especially those who are new to affiliate marketing.

The advertiser clearly explains the conditions under which the conversion is counted and sets the requirements to traffic. Hypercentage goes the extra mile to encourage performance and gives insights on what advertising channels bring better results. Thus, new affiliates can easily start earning income, while experienced publishers employ the best tactics without testing. 

To incentivize potential affiliates, Hypercentage pays attention to improving its products and conversion flows. On top of that, the company offers flexible conditions regarding payouts and other requirements coming from the affiliate’s side.

CPE Offer by Wam.app Affiliate Program

WAM.app is a social media for hyper-casual gamers created by the team of game veterans. To share the perfect offers with its affiliates, the WAM.app team does tons of groundwork. They conduct market research, form the ideal customer profile, and analyze the benchmarks.

The findings underlie a hard KPI the company sets — 10% purchases out of all CPE leads publishers drive. This requirement, as well as the reward scheme and payment conditions, are precisely explained in the offer below.

WAM.app also clarifies their traffic demands. It helps potential affiliates understand if their promotional methods fit the company’s needs. Better yet, this tactic eliminates the frustration if the conversion has happened but wasn’t paid.

On top of that, WAM.app declares its right to check return rate, session time, and invite friends parameters through an affiliate tracking service. By monitoring the listed indicators, WAM.app evaluates the quality of leads and decides on making payouts if the publisher hasn’t reached KPIs.

Karamba Campaign by AppricotAds Affiliate Network

As one of the fastest-growing performance marketing networks, AppricotAds is well-versed in framing affiliate offers. In the example below, AppricotAds shares the offer in the gambling&betting vertical from its partner Karamba.

AppricotAds keeps the message short and sweet, briefly describing the Karamba app, geo, commissions, conversion flow, and OS. Payouts to affiliates are made the same day the conversion happens. The commission rates depend on geo and OS, yet they stay generous for everyone.

Karamba offers a welcome bonus for every new player to incentivize them to download the app and make a deposit. This tactic alleviates the user acquisition both for the company itself and its affiliate partners.

To Sum Up

To get the most out of your affiliate marketing offers, you should approach offers for affiliate partners as attentively as you approach offers for customers. To attract high-performing affiliates, you may stick to the following tactics when framing the offer:

  • Promote specific high-value products;
  • Create targeted offers;
  • Provide detailed information about your offer;
  • Share creatives and marketing materials;
  • Offer competitive payouts;
  • Add promo codes and other incentives; 
  • Give bonuses for additional sales.

You can also employ some of the hacks you’ve seen in the examples below, such as giving affiliates marketing tips or personal terms for partnerships. Test various options to find what brings the best results in your case.

To share your exceptional affiliate offers, track results, and reward publishers in time, you’ll need a robust partner marketing software solution. Try Affise  — our platform will help you reach affiliates, manage offers, monitor performance, and make payouts in semi-automatic mode.

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