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Updates — 20 Apr 2021

Fuel Your Business Growth With Promo Codes

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  • How to Build Marketing Strategy with Promo Codes in 2021

How to Build Marketing Strategy with Promo Codes in 2021

Perhaps, we don’t need to mention numerous studies which indicate coupons as one of the main factors that influence customers’ purchasing decisions. However, in a competitive environment, most shoppers expect a discount, whether a product has just come out or it was introduced a long time ago. In the first case a short promo code can stimulate a great interest in an unknown company while, in the second case, customers want to be rewarded for their loyalty.

Apart from building brand awareness and customer loyalty, there is something every marketer should remember: when a person uses promo codes and buys cheaper products, in actual fact they spend more money on their purchases in total. We also need to recognize that purchase is very often an emotional action. Namely, a discount makes us feel comfortable: on one hand, we save money, on the other, we allow ourselves to spend it. It is as simple and controversial as that.

While promo codes seem to be required in building 2021 promotional strategy, it is essential to be aware of how to put it into practice and measure performance of these ad campaigns. And Affise is here to help with both.

Building a Successful Promotional Strategy in 2021

Promo codes can become an effective online and offline instrument to attract and retain customers, and also prevent churn. To achieve the objectives outlined in your marketing strategy fast and maintain performance consistently high, adhere to the following principles:

  • Make promo codes for your ad campaigns visually appealing and easy to remember.
  • Associate the code with your company or product name (e.g. AFFISE-2021) to increase brand awareness.
  • Create promo codes according to time (e.g. seasonal sales), or activity (e.g. the first order), or objective (e.g. the amount of money spent on purchase).
  • Build a loyalty program by rewarding your customers with special deals.
  • Revitalize customer experience for inactive users through individual promo codes.
  • Create limited-time offers to cut time on decision-making.
  • Cut costs through cross promotion.
  • Incorporate coupon campaigns into different partnerships, measure and analyze their performance.
  • Choose the right solution to measure the effectiveness of promo codes.

Affise’s Promo Codes Tracking Solution

At Affise, a promo code is a unique set of letters, numbers and symbols that can be generated for an affiliate on a particular offer. Partners can use it to promote a product or service on special terms.

Creating a new code

In the Offer settings, navigate to the Promo codes tab and click Add new code.


  • Promo code – a promo code value.
  • Affiliate – an affiliate you give the promo code to.
  • Description – terms and conditions to be shown on the Affiliate platform.
  • Start date – the date when the promo code becomes active
  • End Date – the date when the promo code becomes invalid. 
  • Usage – the number of conversions that can be created on a particular promo code. 

The progress bar on the list of promo codes shows how many conversions have been created within a particular limit.

Promo Code and Tracking URL

At Affise, it is possible to use promo codes and tracking URL together to track clicks and sales and get more insights into the marketing funnel.

Generate Promo Codes in Bulk

Along with the standard process, we offer our clients a bulk action to generate a list of codes for a group of affiliates. With this feature, you can generate random values or unique codes with a customized character set for a particular event.

Grow your business with Influencer Discount Codes

If you have been contemplating the partnership with bloggers or social media influencers, you can try this marketing channel right now with the help of Affise’s new tool. Generate or add promo codes, provide them to the relevant influencers, and your target audience will see that your product suits a certain lifestyle.

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