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Four Ways to Benefit from Smartlinks

It goes without saying, that applying Artificial Intelligence is being actively integrated into both our day-to-day and working life. Now a lot of industries try to take advantages from it, because it not only saves time and labour forces, but also increase the results of their performance. Even in affiliate marketing there is a number of ways how to make Artificial Intelligence work in favor of the industry players. A great deal of solution providers has went out into the market with an aim to help affiliate networks optimize their working processes. So if you are looking for new opportunities to grow your business, you should consider trying Smartlink optimization, as it may boost your affiliates’ earnings, thus making your own revenue much higher. Smartlink is a powerful monetization tool which allows your affiliates to get only one link to all the offers. Using the technology of machine learning, it automatically selects the offers by a number parameters.

No wonder, that more and more affiliate networks as well as tracking solutions implement this traffic monetization option into their systems. Let’s find out what is special in Smartlink and how you and your affiliates may benefit from it.

Increase Your Profit

You and your affiliates don’t need to test offers manually, as Smartlink solves this problem through automated A/B tests. Thus, it allows you to work with as many offers as you wish as Smartlink chooses the offers itself and makes the maximum profit on certain traffic. According to the statistics, smartlink optimization can change the profit and performance of affiliate marketing players immensely. On average, it increases the revenue up to 20%.

Save Your Time

You don’t have to deal with routine manual tasks searching for offers, testing them and setting a huge number of parameters. Just in few clicks you can add Smartlink to the network and start earning.

So Smartlink is an ideal solution for the networks and affiliates who have so many offers, that while checking all these offers they can not only spend a lot of time, but also may miss some great deal relevant to their niche, vertical and audience.

Get the Audience Relevant to You

Thanks to Smartlink every potential customer is offered the content customized exactly for them. The algorithms of choosing offers can be optimized to a certain degree, can involve the setting of different parameters, but overall they do their job: they select the offers most appealing to your audience. Besides, the machine learning technology may provide you with such functions like deep targeting, look-alike audiences, remarketing and so on.

Avoid Mistakes

With Smartlink you don’t have to check each offer manually, the system does it itself. Thus, thanks to automated triggers the possibility of human errors is avoided, allowing you to maximize your KPI.

As you can see, Smartlink optimization allows you to increase your profit avoiding routine work and mistakes. Moreover, it saves your time letting you focus on more important things, because Smartlink does its work automatically, efficiently, 24/7.

Contact your manager to find out how your business can benefit with Smartlinks by Affise, and if you are still not using Affise Performance Marketing Software, get your free trial now!

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