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How to Find Affiliates for Your Business?

Tips & Guides — 13 Apr 2020

Looking for Affiliates?

How to Find Affiliates for Your Business?

The main aim of any business is to attract new customers. Affiliate marketing can be considered as one of the most budgetary and effective means to achieve this goal. It can be defined as a method of promoting your business on the Internet (by affiliate partners), in which an affiliate receives a reward for each target action.

In the language of your parents, affiliate marketing is a sales channel through which companies selling their products or services pay a commission to third parties for mediation in the sales process.

How to Find Affiliates for Your Business?

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Who are Affiliates?

Affiliates (or partners) use their websites/blogs to drive traffic to your website/page on social media. The important thing is that affiliates deliver targeted traffic with a high conversion rate as their websites are usually dedicated to your niche and contain useful information for users. For example, if you are trying to promote your online casino, such affiliate websites can contain guides on how to play online or ratings of online casinos, thus attracting users who are looking for the best online casinos.

Recruiting affiliates is not as easy as it might seem initially. First, you should create your own affiliate program.

For example, Kismia started its own affiliate program with Affise and witnessed a 350% increase in traffic volume.

Your affiliate program landing page should contain these essential points:

– commissions (how much $ affiliates get from a sale);

– length of cookies (days, months);

– who gets the commission (the first, last or all referring affiliates);

– terms and conditions (prohibited traffic sources, violations and terminations);

– payments (when, how);

– brand guidelines (brand message, logo usage, creatives).

How to Find Affiliates?

Ok, so your affiliate program is set up and it’s time to find affiliates to skyrocket your business.

Include a link to your affiliate program on your website

You can just insert it in your footer. Affiliates tend to look there first as this is the typical place to link to your affiliate program landing page. Create clear terms for your program. In terms of finding affiliates, this one goes without saying – try to offer clear and easy to understand commission structure and payout options.

Existing customers

Your best affiliates can come from people who have purchased from you, so don’t forget about email marketing. Definitely, run an email series for your customers to encourage them to earn money by recommending your products to their friends and family. Referral marketing is a great way to attract new clients.

Email signature

Include a short description with a link in your signature and tell people from your email list you have an affiliate program.

Industry-related forums

Go to forums or communities that discuss the products or where people are looking for an answer to the product (solution you may have). You can find affiliates there after telling them what your product can do for them. Check out affiliate marketing forums and communities as well. You can list and promote your affiliate program in there and communicate with existing and potential partners.

Influencers/bloggers outreach

Invite influencers and niche bloggers to review your products. Google your major keywords – see if there are bloggers or info sites that promote related products showing up in Google results. Try to build a long term relationship – don’t just pitch your affiliate program. Have them test your products for free first, then introduce them to your affiliate program and offer them to publish comprehensive reviews.

Let’s say your niche is segways. Some keywords with heavy traffic for you will be “segway reviews” and “best segway”. Once you’ve searched these keywords in Google, find the websites that rank on the first page of Google search but do not sell their own segways. These websites are more inclined to participate in affiliate programs, and likely already are. Reach out to each one of them individually and pitch them your affiliate program. Note that such niche websites may ask for a higher commission.


Take part in specialized exhibitions and affiliate conferences, where you can meet your potential affiliates. During the year, affiliate conferences are held in different parts of the world. Affiliates attend these conferences to exchange experiences and news in a certain industry, gain knowledge about new tools and promotion technologies, as well as to find new partners. Do not miss your chance. Whether you’re a speaker or an attendee, you can meet people who can offer your products to their audience.

Print publications

You can recruit affiliates by advertising your product in professional print media that are related to your industry. This method is ideal for those whose business is associated with a narrow audience. For example, let’s imagine that you sell flat wall paint. With the help of advertising in professional magazines, you can easily reach construction workers. They can offer your goods to your target audience and earn a certain commission rate with each sale.

Social media marketing

You can join niche-related groups on social media to find potential affiliates. Take the time to get to know them, show them your expertise. When it’s appropriate, let them know about your affiliate program. The more enthusiastic you are about the program, the more they will want to join to earn money. If we are talking about Facebook groups, don’t hesitate to contact page administrators.

Online ads

Another way to find new affiliates is to advertise the program and its benefits. You can use Facebook, Twitter, or even Google Ads to market the program. This works very well if you have a good product funnel, offer excellent commissions, and a wide range of products for your niche.


People like to talk, so if you do a good job taking care of your affiliates and offer a great product, then super affiliates will notice you and talk about you. Plus, when they start promoting your products, other people in their circle will notice and join too.

Affiliate networks

Another great way to find affiliates is to list your products in affiliate networks such as Shareasale, Clickbank or JvZoo. Affiliate marketers who are looking for a product to promote often go there to search for them. Make sure you offer a great program and a lucrative affiliate commission. Include tools to make promotion easy. These could include articles, graphics, banners, etc.

Dedicated solutions 

Today you can also fasten the process of affiliate recruitment with the help of dedicated solutions that bring together various media partners (affiliates) and advertisers, such as Affise reach.  The platform offers a list of the verified media partners who you can rely on.

How to Choose an Appropriate Affiliate Program Software

There are a number of affiliate program management software solutions on the market that can be integrated into your business. An effective technology solution is a very important component of affiliate marketing. It should be convenient not only for a brand but also for affiliates.

Affise, as an all-in-one platform for advertisers, online marketing agencies, and affiliate networks, allows you to manage, track, analyze, and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time.

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