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Marketing Tools — 27 Apr 2023

Tracking Platforms to Boost Your Affiliate Opportunities

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  • Top 6 Affiliate Tracking Software – Which platform offers the Best Solution?

Top 6 Affiliate Tracking Software – Which platform offers the Best Solution?

“If you want something done well, do it yourself.” 

Although that might work out in certain situations, things are done differently in digital marketing!

The best way to expand your business is by practicing a virtual word-of-mouth strategy through affiliate programs. At the end of the day, who is better at promoting your products than those affiliate customers who love them and know their verticals? 

To successfully work with affiliate marketing, you need a platform with specific tools.With affiliate tracking software, you are not just getting help from your partners to promote your products and services, but there are numerous additional perks to it as well. Collecting, tracking, and analyzing your customer’s interactions using affiliate tracking software are just some benefits of using such a platform. Now is the time to choose your preferred affiliate tracking software and grow your business exponentially. 

This article presents you with some of the most efficient tools on the market, including our own affiliate marketing software, Affise, a robust partner marketing solutions provider offering a wide range of marketing tools for agencies, networks, brands, advertisers, and influencers and publishers. 

What is an Affiliate Tracking Software? 

Affiliate or Performance Tracking Software aids you in managing, tracking, and optimizing the performance of your offers and partnerships. Apart from monitoring incoming traffic and conversions, affiliate tracking software allows you to automate routine work such as payouts, fraud protection, conversion rate optimization, etc.

An efficient affiliate tracking software should contain features like affiliate tracking code and link generation, statistics overview from clicks to conversions, alert systems, fraud detection and prevention tools, and an outstanding customer support team. Dedicated and effective customer support is essential to an affiliate tracking software platform, especially when something needs to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Affiliate tracking platform

Must-Have Features for Each Affiliate Tracking Platform:

What Features Should You Look For In SaaS Affiliate Trackers?

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What are the top benefits of using Affiliate tracking software?

1. Tracking metrics

The tracking features and metric statistics are essential when using affiliate tracking software. The tools aid you in acclaiming referrers by having access to different metrics, including clicks, purchases, transactions, page views, or impressions. The tracking aspects are categorized into several groups: CPM (cost per impression), CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPA (cost per acquisition), etc. 

Contemporary affiliate tracking software platforms contain additional advanced tools, such as pixel tracking, S2S postback, domain and goals tracking promo codes, QR-codes tracking, and view-through attribution tracking.

2. User-friendly Dashboard and Reports

An organized and user-friendly dashboard and regularly generated reports help keep your essential data and statistics in place. Additionally, your dashboard provides you with customized views in real time, which aids in gaining a better understanding of your target audience and traffic sources. By taking advantage of the data, you can find the right marketing partners and discover your best customers and affiliates, streamlining your company’s growth.

3. Automation

By automating most of your affiliate program processes, you can collect all relevant data in real-time and make informed changes to your campaigns when needed or link relevant affiliate offers. Moreover, brands can provide training and support via automated systems and even automate any part of the payments and other payout processes.

4. Fraud protection 

Fraudulent activities are not skipping affiliate marketing either! They showcase themselves in various shapes and sizes. Fraud activities have a wide array, from trivial spamming by email and domain squatting (typosquatting) to creating web pages with names similar to names of popular websites, as well as more sophisticated tactics. This is why choosing a super-savvy anti-fraud protection affiliate tracking software and protecting your marketing campaigns is essential. 

Affiliate Tracking platform

Which are the Top 6 Affiliate Tracking Software Platforms?

Nowadays, there are plenty of affiliate tracking software platforms in the sea to choose from. However, not all have the essential features to provide successful, safe, and resourceful affiliate marketing campaigns and grow your business. Here are some of the best affiliate tracking software available nowadays. 

1. Affise 

Affise is an all-in-one affiliate tracking software platform offering various marketing tools for Agencies and Networks, Brands and Advertisers, and Influencers and Publishers. With Affise, you can manage, track, analyze, and optimize all your online affiliate/partner campaigns in real-time and exponentially grow your business. Furthermore, the software offers three different products that you can choose from based on your business’s specifics and needs, including Affise Performance, Affise Reach, and Affise Mobile Measurement Partner.

Affise Performance product is designed to help advertisers, agencies, and affiliate marketers optimize their campaigns and increase ROI. It contains comprehensive tools and features, including real-time tracking, advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, and automated workflows. It enables users to monitor their campaigns and performance metrics in real-time, allowing quick adjustments and optimizations. The product integrates with various third-party tools and services, such as Shopify, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Ads, to provide users with a comprehensive marketing solution.

The Affise Reach product allows advertisers to create, manage, track, and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns easily and provides insights into audience behavior and preferences. Campaigns are allowed across multiple channels and platforms, including social media, search, and display. Affise Reach also features various targeting options, such as geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting, allowing businesses to reach the right audience with their ads.

Affise Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) is the third separate product of the Affise affiliate tracking software platform. It is a valuable solution for mobile advertisers looking to improve their advertising efficiency and drive better results. Affise MPP includes an intuitive user interface, easy integration with third-party tools, and seamless tracking capabilities, making it a powerful tool for any mobile advertiser looking to enhance their mobile advertising performance.

Affise #1 Affiliate tracking software

The full Affise affiliate tracking software features highly customizable outlines that generate affiliate, customer, fraud-related, and payment reports.

Invoices and automated partner payouts can be easily generated with Affise; these reports and payments are easily shared with your partners. Additionally, Affise aids in eliminating the time spent on repetitive tasks. Activities like opening offers to publishers, partner communication, and billing can be easily automated with the platform.

Affise includes several options to protect your affiliate marketing campaigns from fraud. It has a complete security system with fraud detection, general internet security, and data privacy. The system includes click-level fraud prevention, third-party tools, and IP monitoring, among other metrics. Using Affise’s capabilities, you can ban suspicious IP addresses, use the Click-Level Fraud Prevention tool and remove VPN or proxy traffic, take advantage of Afisse’s CR Optimization Tool, and get rid of false conversions beforehand, among other things.

To make things smoother, Affise has a streamlined onboarding experience with a straightforward migration; the automated offer-pulling service, CPAPI, makes transitioning even breezier. Our exceptional customer service, with a 2023 satisfaction rating of 98%, is here to make things easier and more accessible.

2. iDevAffiliate

iDevAffiliate is an affiliate plugin solution for affiliate tracking and management. 

The iDevAffiliate plugin helps businesses create and launch an affiliate program within an hour. However, maximizing the iDevAffiliate toolset can have a bit of a learning curve, making it a less attractive option to Affise. Subscribers can access over 40 hours of onboarding video tutorials (remember, you have the time to review such extended footage!).

Source (idevdirect.com)

Other highlight features include:

  • Dashboard to monitor general leak tracking, affiliate performance, commissions, and top referrals;
  • Social media sharing for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter;
  • Several commissioning options, including coupon codes and product-specific;
  • Platform integrations for Bigcommerce, Magento, WordPress, and Shopify.

To sum up, iDevAffiliate can be a decent option for smaller businesses on a tight budget. 

3. OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate Software offers a range of tools for affiliate programs. The platform emphasizes customer referral programs as part of your affiliate network.

OSI Affiliate
Source (osiaffiliate.com)

Website popups, forms, and auto-signups drive the customer referral program. These features target website visitors and new customers. Users can also incentivize brand advocates with a customizable Smart Rewards program.

OSI Affiliate contains some of the must-have tracking features, including:

  • Promo code tracking;
  • Social media sharing – Integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn;
  • One-on-one customer support sessions;
  • Email templates;
  • Detailed reporting;
  • Banners and landing page templates.

Despite lacking the complete toolset for affiliate tracking, OSI Affiliate Software is an appropriate choice for businesses looking for simplicity and flexibility. It can be a valuable tool if you are looking to focus on customer referrals with your affiliate network. 

4. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a service aimed at those working mainly in eCommerce and SaaS industries. Tapfiliate focuses on managing your existing business applications. The software integrates with your website, whether built around Woocommerce, Shopify, WordPress, or 30 other platforms. 

The platform also has various affiliate recruitment tools and ad promotion tools, including on social media. Some of them include the following:

  • Branded dashboard and links for your affiliates to use;
  • Custom signup fields and payout methods;
  • Support for integrations like Zapier, Mailchimp, and Stripe;
  • Adjustable, recurring, or lifetime commissions;
  • Automation of commissions and payments.

Tapfiliate is a sensible choice for businesses running on eCommerce or SaaS platforms that want minimal setup. You may need to look elsewhere if you have more diverse needs. 

5. Anytrack

Anytrack.io provides affiliate tracking software for your existing marketing stack. It is a tool that connects your data streams, giving you a consistent and up-to-date view of your affiliate marketing activities and statistics.

The platform automatically sends all tracking to Google Analytics and lets your team view the traffic performance with actionable insights. The tracking automation works similarly to the Facebook Conversion API. However, relying on different platforms and outlets isn’t intuitive or user-friendly. 

Other highlight features include:

  • One tag system for easy automation of all data tracking and synchronization;
  • AutoTag for funnel tracking and attribution;
  • Around 60+ integrations with affiliate networks;
  • Custom audiences;
  • Connection of traffic and conversion data to your analytics tools;
  • Anytrack is a decent option for larger businesses with a proven marketing stack looking to raise their affiliate game with real-time insights.

Anytrack can be a potentially good option for larger businesses with a proven marketing stack looking to raise their affiliate game with real-time insights.

6. ShareASale

ShareASale offers affiliate management software for merchants that streamlines partner marketing.

Source (shareasale.com)

Features include an intuitive interface and automation tools for things like marketing emails, as well as: 

  • Real-time affiliate tracking for clicks and conversions;
  • Custom tracking values and scenarios–e.g., new customer acquisition, coupon code usage, mobile;
  • Audience segmentation;
  • Customized commissions rules like PPC and CPA;
  • Clickstream reports

ShareASale is a good option for those seeking an extensive partner network who want an affiliate tracking solution. 

Boost your affiliate marketing with Affise!

You’re already losing the battle if you’re not effectively tracking and collating data from your partner program. Connect your business affiliate tracking solution today. All the affiliate marketing platforms mentioned above contain great features to help your business successfully execute affiliate marketing strategies and grow. Despite that, most of them miss the complete affiliate tracking toolkit set to maximize your performance and results.

Affise’s case is a little bit different, though. The platform’s offer contains many efficient tools that can help your affiliate marketing campaigns be prosperously implemented. Apart from the basics that allow you different types of tracking and analyzing, Affise secures your affiliate marketing campaigns from fraud, saving thousands of dollars from your revenue. Not just that, but we are always here to help you. Our 98% satisfaction rating customer service is available non-stop for your challenges, ready to turn them into tremendous opportunities!

With a robust platform like Affise, you will effortlessly gain insights, optimize your campaigns and grow your partner networks like never before!

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