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Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up

Updates — 30 Nov 2020

Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up

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  • Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up

Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up

2020 has tested the robustness of our global highly interconnected society and world economy, including the marketing industry. Against the backdrop of constant uncertainty and inability to make predictions, it is clear that the most reliable marketing strategy is based on being flexible to new market trends, maximizing technology use and enhancing effective partnerships.

Speaking of effective partnerships, we should put particular stress on this matter. On the one hand, brands need to connect with a greater variety of partners to enlarge the target audiences while at the same time not being caught with the rise in fraud. On the other hand, performance agencies search for more deals to achieve sustainable growth and development. Certainly, during the pandemic, this may be challenging to find trustworthy partners quickly. Everything becomes easier with Affise.

We are thrilled to announce our new solution – Affise Reach – a global place where brands and agencies partner up and expand marketing channels!

Extend Your Reach of Partnerships

We have made our new product convenient for both parties: advertisers and agencies, this way everyone can take the first step towards win-win cooperation. Accordingly, Affise Reach represents two marketplaces: Affise Brands and Affise Vendors.

  • On Affise Brands, advertisers post their offers, which are shown in the form of cards with a brief overview and payment terms. Agencies and affiliate networks can apply for an offer and register as an affiliate in the advertiser’s system.
Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up
  • Affise Vendors serves as a database of marketing agencies, affiliate networks and publishers. With the help of informative profiles and handy search options, brands can quickly and efficiently find and recruit perfectly-fit partners.
Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up

For Brands

As Affise’s customers, brands have access to a greater variety of partnerships and expand their marketing mix through reliable channels. The robust technologies allow brands to automate their recruitment and communication processes and open their offers to performance agencies, publishers, influencers, and other partners. With Affise Reach for brands, the formula for a successful partnership is simple and consists of 3 elements:

Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up

For Agencies and Networks

Networking is essential for performance agencies to make business connections with both parties: advertisers and new marketing channels. Affise Reach gives you an invaluable opportunity to work with famous brands and marketing experts in one place online, where your business is shielded from external risks. 

Affise Reach: Where Brands and Agencies Partner Up

You’re just in a step from maximizing your business growth.

Ready to continue?

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