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Updates — 08 May 2023

Affise Reach. Growing revenue by simplifying partnerships

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  • Affise launches Reach to help brands increase revenue with partner marketing

Affise launches Reach to help brands increase revenue with partner marketing

The rising cost of digital advertising is driving businesses and marketers to reassess their whole marketing approach.

Based on data collected from Wordstream, the cost of ad spending is rising across the three main paid media channels: Facebook, Google, and Amazon, where respectively in 2021 they have seen a rise in CPC cost of 63%, 42%, and 56%.  

While paid advertising is becoming more costly and leads are becoming more difficult to convert, this soar in pricing is creating significant barriers to enterprises seeking new customers.

The average price of ads is increasing due to the intense competition. As the world moves towards an increase in digitalisation and consumer awakening, the question arises: is relying only on traditional paid channels the best long-term solution for marketers?

Take the complexity out of partnerships and increase your revenue with the untapped marketing channel.

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Differentiation and diversification are key in highly competitive markets

Marketers that want to reach more customers and increase their ROAS without compromising meaningful customer connection must go beyond the usual trio of paid marketing.

Creating more relevant touchpoints across the customer journey necessitates channel diversity beyond Google, Facebook, and Amazon—a triopoly that earned 64% of US digital ad spend in 2021. 

Due to rising costs and poor return on investment, some companies are exploring other areas to complement their traditional marketing channels and get a better return on their advertising budgets. One area that is drawing a lot of attention is Partnership Marketing.

Partnership Marketing is emerging as the encompassing solution to these challenges, offering marketers with a still underutilized and highly converting channel.

Still, despite all the advantages, partnership marketing appears to be difficult and may quickly become overwhelming without the right platform to manage the processes required to leverage the channel’s opportunities. That’s why Affise has launched Reach, offering marketers scalability, automation and an outcome-based pricing model that allows a risk-free approach to succeed in today’s climate.

Introducing Reach

Affise Reach makes it easy to grow revenue through partner marketing; this end-to-end platform consolidates everything you  need to efficiently manage,  optimize  and scale partnership marketing campaigns. This includes discovering new affiliates, fostering relationships and automating payments, streamlining the once complicated and time-consuming chores connected with maintaining and scaling partnerships into one easy-to-use platform.

Discover and manage new partnerships

The key to successfully adding partner marketing to your digital mix is not only to find good partners to work with, but also being able to manage them efficiently as your channel scales.

Reach gives you an unmatched opportunity to identify and build various partnerships needed to support your sales and marketing channels and generate additional revenue. As your channel scales, it allows you to onboard and manage new partners without adding costly resources to your team.

By utilizing precise filtering capability, you can simply find and attract matches that are most relevant to your company from a pool of thousands of vetted partnerships available at your fingertips: such as affiliates, influencers, sponsorships, ambassadors and more, enabling your business to locate and convert target audiences at scale.

Analyze campaigns and foster key relationships

To understand how your campaigns are performing and optimize them, it is essential to learn which of your partners and in what form are contributing to your campaigns.

Affise Reach provides accurate, actionable and accessible analytics that enable you to quickly make data-driven decisions that counterbalance your overall customer acquisition costs. 

Reach gives you all the tools you need to conduct successful communications with your partners and acts as a single source of information for a partner’s entire relationship with your program.

With comprehensive visuals and performance indicators, Reach enables you to effortlessly recognize key contributors to establish a connection and create long-lasting relationships. This functionality makes it easy to compensate partners for their contribution to the customer conversion process and incentivize them to further drive your specific business goals.

Automate payments

To build a long-lasting relationship with your partners, it’s crucial that the parties involved can meet their end of the bargain, which includes timely and correct payment for the value added to a campaign.

As punctuality and precise reward is essential to efficient partner ecosystem management, you need a cutting-edge toolset that automates the fulfillment of your partner incentives. Affise Reach facilitates the execution of payment processes for your partners by leveraging integrated solutions for issuing invoices and worldwide partner incentives in the currencies of your choice.


The world of digital marketing is changing, and if marketers want to remain competitive or gain a competitive edge, they need to stay ahead of the game. 

Relying exclusively on traditional marketing channels for your campaigns could result in a decrease in ROAS and campaigns inefficiency. By adding partnership marketing to your digital mix and using a platform like Affise Reach for streamlining all related chores, marketers could optimize their digital marketing spend, gain a competitive edge, and ultimately see their revenue skyrocket.

To learn more about Affise Reach or receive a demo, fill out the form, and one of our account managers will be in contact  with you.

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