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TUNE Affiliate Platform vs Affise

Look through the comparison report of the two solutions and see why Affise is a great TUNE affiliate platform alternative.

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What does make a difference for marketers and which performance marketing software should you try as a TUNE affiliate platform alternative?

Affise vs TUNE

Top affiliate marketers use a partnership marketing platform like Affise to drive revenue through outcome-based marketing campaigns.

Affise provides 24/7 multilanguage, local customer support always at your service.

Due to the combination of a dedicated customer success manager and our comprehensive onboarding package, Affise ensures your platform is properly set up and always runs efficiently.

Affise is a partnership marketing platform with cutting-edge technology that provides all the tools to run performing marketing campaigns including a modern and easy-to-use user interface, automation tools and the flexibility to create user profiles with tailored permissions.

We also feature an open API with many out-of-the-box integrations on all pricing plans and technical support to guarantee the migration process is fast and runs as smoothly as possible.

Compare what Tune can offer to understand what solution suits your needs better.

Look through the comparison report below to get a detailed comparison.

Pricing Model Comparison


Pay only for conversions




available on all plans at Affise and Tune

Features and services



Multi-user access
Real-time statistics
Predictive analytics tools
Configurable Dashboards
Incorporated BI systems
Alert system
Fraud prevention
SSL support
Unlimited custom domains
Affiliate API
End-to-end API
Click log
Multiple currencies
Multiple languages
Advanced targeting
Shared reports

Customer Support



Dedicated account manager
Free onboarding package
Immediate response from Support

Essential tools for Business Scaling



White-label solution
Full-cycle impression tracking
CR automation
Complete migration package
Real-time event delivery service

Comparison based on publicly available data as of December 16, 2021
Please notify us here if you believe something should be updated.


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