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How AppricotAds Scaled ROI by 58% with Affise

5 years

On the market


Bulgaria, Armenia





AppricotAds is an Ad Agency/Affiliate Network primarily focused on Mobile Apps Promotion.

Within a year the team of professionals managed to establish over 300 interconnections with App Developers and reputable companies globally.

The challenges

AppricotAds were looking for a reliable, scalable, and robust platform. By the time they found Affise they tested four other systems pretty thoroughly, however, none of them met their needs.

Talking to Affise AppricotAds shared their concerns related to the features they had a demand for, particularly they were granular targeting, extended campaign reports, transparent and detailed analytics, intuitive, easy-to-use interface.


Once AppricotAds described their needs, Affise assures that they could provide all the requested features. During the free trial period, AppricotAds realized that the platform indeed had everything they needed.

Affise offered its platform with a number of features needed for daily campaign management.

The vital moment for AppricotAds were:

Smart targeting

The success of ad campaigns largely depends on ensuring your ads reach the right types of audience. Using the IP intelligence by Digital Element, Affise provides the advanced targeting capabilities and broadened targeting options, helping to improve the relevance and response for online campaigns.


Affise provides a rich statistics section with more than 50 data-slices for comprehensive data analysis. Further, it is also customizable. One can modify the order of columns based on their importance. You can put the most important data columns in front and hide the ones you don’t need at all.

Real-time reports

Real-time reports allow users to extract data on currently running campaigns and evaluate the performance down the second. With comparison reports, one can compare several campaigns within the same dashboard, without the need to switch among several windows.

User-friendly and customizable interface

Convenience in work is fundamental. Affise allows users to customize the dashboards under their own image. It spares affiliate managers and account managers from extraneous information - everybody can choose metrics and individual reports that really matter. Further, one can manage access to different dashboards based on the users’ role within their program.


Visible business growth

It didn't take long to see the results. AppricotAds noticed a tangible increase in the ROI - it jumped up by at least 58% making it possible to reinvest into trustworthy partners, which resulted in overall profit boost multiple times.

More accurate targeting

With Affise accurate IP location data, provided by Digital Element, AppricotAds are now able to more accurately geotarget and build better targeting profiles. With additional datasets such as connection speed and mobile carrier, they can broaden targeting options and enrich capability, helping to improve the response for online campaigns.

Much faster operational process owing to dedicated managers and technical support team

Affise team does care about their customers and keep on doing their utmost to make their partners happy and content. With their prompt assistance, AppricotAds were able to set the accounts and adjust settings significantly faster than at other platforms. Affise Customer Success team indeed lives up to its name - the clients receive a lot of business advice on how to increase campaign ROI.

“Affise is truly a leading software platform currently on the market. The set of tools onboard with the pricing policy as the cherry on top makes it unbeatable. The dynamic release updates, which enrich it with useful and applicable features, make it more stable simultaneously bringing peace of mind to the whole tea”
Ako Gurjinyan CEO, AppricotAds

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