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How Impression Tracking helps AdxMaster work with brand advertisers

6 Years

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AdxMaster is a CPI Mobile App User Acquisition Partner based out of Toronto, Ontario, which have been successfully helping clients to achieve their mobile user acquisition goals for 6 years.

The AdxMaster platform consists of the best and top-tier publishers who can market offers in many ways: emails, banners and search. AdxMaster offer the most technologically advanced traffic generation methods and their sophisticated tracking tools provide accurate and real-time results to improve the decision-making process.

The challenges

A growing number of advertisers are shifting towards full transparency of ad campaigns results. Solely clicks and installs are no longer enough.

Brand advertisers are now also requiring:
  • Screenshots with the provided creative in the apps
  • Impression tracking
  • Device ID in regards to IDFA for iPhone and GAID for Android OS
  • App names on the clicks and conversions.

Demand for impression tracking rapidly spread mainly among advertisers that work with brand campaigns and aim to boost brand awareness and build long-term positive recognition. The results of brand campaigns have always been and remain more complicated to analyze in comparison with other CTA campaigns. The critical metric for brand campaign performance is users' engagement with the banner, which could be achieved with impression tracking.

The central problem for Adxmaster was the process of tracking and delivering results itself. The only possible way at that time was collecting data on impressions manually and sending it in excel files. The drawback of that approach was a significantly slow working process, which eventually could have resulted in Adxmaster not being able to provide data to their clients in real time.


Adxmaster required a solution that could enable impression data transfer to the clients in real time; this means placing an advertisers' pixel on publishers' pages so that it tracks impressions every time a user loads a website.

The solution to the Adxmaster challenge was Full-cycle Impression Tracking at Affise. It allowed them to pass all needed parameters, including impression data to advertisers.


Two main results of implementing Affise Full-cycle Impression Tracking at Adxmaster are: Retention of customers and Measuring the impact of brand awareness campaigns.

Being able to track impressions is now a prerequisite for working with brand advertisers. Affise full-cycle impression tracking, being able to provide impression data in real time, allowed Adxmaster to continue working with these clients, while others needed to pause the campaigns' promotion. Affise was able to release impression tracking sooner than its competitors. At a time when most agencies were only able to send excel reports for impressions, Adxmaster was able to place a pixel for real-time delivery, which gave them a high competitive edge. Ability to track impression data not only helped to retain existing clients but also attracted new brand advertisers.

Full-cycle impression tracking provides full transparency over campaign results, what, in turn, gives Adxmaster more room for optimization other than subID — provided with that client can take a deeper dive into the data to make purposeful changes to benefit the downstream quality.

“Affise has given us the tools we need to get the competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven industry. A competitive edge for us means that our clients will be taking advantage of our high-quality user base resulting in ROAS every time.”
Brad Kormos
Brad Kormos Director of Business Development, ADXmaster

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