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Affise Mobile Attribution (Affise MMP) allows you to keep track of all your apps in one place. With multiple slices it enables you to see how your ad campaigns are converting, what users do once they install the app, and how is your retention. You can track both organic and non-organic installs, user activity, and much more.


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Affise Mobile Attribution is already integrated with:

iOS: Achieving growth amidst an ever-evolving privacy landscape

Discover our cutting-edge solutions to maintain and enhance your app’s growth in the post-IDFA era. Uncover the secrets to leveraging your marketing insights to the fullest in our comprehensive iOS 14.5+ Resource Center.
Gain a comprehensive performance overview using our SKAN solution, which offers precise and detailed measurement while ensuring compliance and safeguarding your customers’ data privacy.

Affise prevents fraud from affecting your campaigns

Scale UA campaigns

Utilize the powerful analytics capabilities of Affise Mobile Attribution to uncover the most effective user acquisition channels, gain insights into user behavior, and track app uninstallation and reinstallation. Enhance your targeting strategies, optimize campaigns, and effectively retarget specific users based on their in-app activities.


Partner performance
In-app events
Retention cohorts
User activity
Retargeting performance

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Multiple app support

Multiple app support

Add one or more apps you want to track. All it takes is just a few clicks.

Multiple partner support

Multiple partner support

Add one or more partners to promote your apps. You can invite partners from outside Affise system as well.

Facebook attribution

Facebook attribution

Connect your Facebook Ads account or partner’s account and see how your campaigns perform.

Uninstall tracking

Uninstall tracking

Track the users who uninstalled your app. You can also see who reinstalled it.

Raw data export

Raw data export

Want to do more with your data? Export RAW data with just a few clicks.

Retargeting & reattribution

Retargeting & reattribution

Retarget users based on the specific in-app behavior. Attribute the way you want.

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  • All report system: overview, retention, conversions and etc
  • And more

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