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Designed for Affiliate Networks and Digital Agencies, Affise performance comes equipped with best-in-class
tools like advanced analytics, automation and anti-fraud. We also have 99,99% uptime

by 1000+ customers worldwide

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For small agencies, networks that manage a limited number of campaigns and only need core features

monthly or discounted yearly plan
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  • 40 000 conversions
  • 15M Impressions
  • 1 tracking domain


For medium size agencies, networks that manage several campaigns and need more advanced tracking and targeting capabilities plus additional support

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  • 50 000 conversions included
  • 20M impressions included
  • 5 tracking domains


For large agencies, networks that need comprehensive tracking and targeting capabilities, fully flexible platform integration and exclusive support

from $1500
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  • Tailored
  • Tailored
  • Tailored

In-depth reporting never
been easier

Affise Performance offers robust analytics tools,
establishing itself as the ultimate Single Source of Truth in
the realm of Performance Marketing.

Transparent & easy-to-use analytics:

AI Predictions
Affiliates & AM
Conversion Funnel
Retention rates
Events + much more

Automate all your repetitive tasks effortlessly

Nobody shows up for their work eager to do all those mundane, soul-crushing tasks. That’s why we give you the option to automate them. Spend your time creating, strategizing and growing your partner marketing.


Conversion rates
Invoice generation
Offer scheduling
Mass actions
Click caps
Offers checker

Be ensure your data is protected with Affise

The highest privacy standard in the industry

Migrating from another platform?
We get you covered.

Embarking on your Affise journey is incredibly effortless. Seamlessly migrate all your current campaigns to Affise Performance through a fully automated process that requires just a few clicks.

Effectively prevent fraudulent activities from impacting your campaigns

We have eliminated affiliate fraud concerns, allowing you to expand your partner marketing endeavors without any worries. With Affise Performance Marketing Platform, you gain access to anti-fraud protection that safeguards your budget.


Spam clicks
Fake traffic
Double IPs
Fraud databases

Industry Standard
in Campaign
Automation Game

With Affise CPAPI solution, you can effortlessly manage and synchronize your campaigns with over 250 integrated marketing platforms and advertisers in intervals of less than three minutes.

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Smart traffic monetization

Smart traffic monetization

Allows you to maximize monetization of traffic for any offer or untargeted clicks

Raw Data Export

Raw Data Export

Export data to analytical tools for in-depth analysis of customer behavior patterns, fraudulent activities, and traffic optimization

Billing API

Billing API

Integrate third-party billing solutions and save time by automating payments with partners

Event analytics

Event analytics

Allows you to analyze your whole customer journey by reporting on different events.

Revenue prediction

Revenue prediction

Forecasts your future performance and enables you to manage your resources in the most efficient way.



Allows you to optimize conversions and overall campaign revenue by tracking a promotional code assigned to a specific publisher

Affise was named leader
in affiliate marketing by G2

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