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Tips & Guides — 01 Jul 2022

The best ways to get affiliate links for promotion

How to get affiliate links for promotion

From blogger articles to YouTube video descriptions, many product reviews include affiliate links to purchase the mentioned items, not by coincidence. Eventually, customers searching for that type of product or service are referred to that content. Publish and distribute offers to a potential brand audience and earn commissions with each conversion is basically what affiliates do.

Affiliate programs have become one of the most popular tactics to drive sales and generate revenue for businesses today. As this market is expanding, predictions indicate affiliate marketing spending is expected to grow by 10% in the next few years.

So, are you considering starting as an affiliate marketer in 2022? In this article, we will talk about the key points to succeed, besides explaining how to get links to promote. Before starting, let’s get a brief understanding of what affiliate marketing is.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

An affiliate or partner marketing program is a relationship between a brand and a person or organization. For this relationship to develop and be mutually beneficial, the affiliate needs to be willing to promote the products and services of the company in question and use the appropriate tactics in place.

Promoting deals involves placing links or banners on the affiliate or partner’s website or social media posts, among other tactics. Essentially, affiliates can use social media channels or other digital marketing strategies that they believe can help increase brand awareness, generate leads, grow the potential audience, and drive traffic to the brand’s website. When one of these links leads to sales, or any other desired action the brand sets, the affiliate receives a commission.

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What are the most common types of affiliates?

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. So, we recommend you first take a deep look at the methods. It’s crucial to decide which channels you want to focus on, and here are some of the options of the most common types of affiliates to consider:

Image source: Freepik

Blogger: One of the most common ways to work with affiliate links on your blog is to write reviews about products to increase traffic. The most exciting thing about having a blog is the possibility of gaining an audience organically with the help of Google by working with SEO. When customers use search engines on browsers or mobile phones to find a product they want to learn more about, they will be directed to your blog. That means you can count on your loyal audience and occasional visitors.  

Influencer: One of the most common options is becoming an Affiliate Marketer by promoting affiliate links on social media channels, which can be inserted and used on various platforms, especially Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

For instance, if you use Instagram to promote links, you can include the link in your profile (Instagram Bio) and indicate where your followers can find it in the caption of your photos. Recently, Instagram has also added the ability to insert links into Stories, an alternative for influencers to work with affiliate links. If you use YouTube, links can usually be included in the video description. Any other media like Facebook, you can also include links in each post.

Microsites: In this case, we are talking about specialized websites that focus on paid search. When you search for something through a search engine, customers will see a list of paid results at the top of the page. You, as an affiliate, can create those ads. When appropriately used, microsites can generate good sales.

Email lists: sound old-fashioned? Not, really. It is still one of the best ways to promote affiliate links, especially if you already have an email subscriber list. There are many ways to build your list, such as asking your audience to sign up for your website’s newsletter. In this case, you need to have a website or a blog. As a result, this method can be used parallel with other strategies.

Undoubtedly, you are free to use whichever tactic you prefer. However, keep in mind that the method you choose for building your audience will likely lead you to the tactics to promote offers. For instance, bloggers are more likely to use SEO – search engine optimization – on their articles, a surefire way to promote affiliate links and get found by potential customers from your niche. On the other hand, influencers are more likely to focus on content creation with their offers to promote. So, think about which option you would like to work on.

Promotion channels such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and search can and should be fully used by affiliates and content creators. After all, it’s through them that many people base their buying decisions. If you want to know more about social media, check our guide about how to get more leads on social media.

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How to find affiliate programs and links to promote?

The next step is to pick up the best affiliate program for your profile. Don’t be afraid to choose based on your terms and build your affiliate marketing business in the niche that interests you the most. Let’s see how you can look for an affiliate program in the most effective ways:

  • Online search

As the name suggests, you can use online search engines to find affiliate programs in your niche. It’s a simple method, but it can be very effective and holds no secrets: you can start by typing “affiliate marketing programs” and add some filters next to it to improve the quality of the results, such as your niche, demographics, whether you want to promote physical or digital products, and whatever else you think is appropriate to include.

Another option is to check the offers of the affiliate programs of the big names on the market, such as Amazon, Shopify, and Ebay. To know more options, check the best affiliate programs.

  • Similar brands or products

If your niche is well defined, it will be easier to find suitable affiliate programs. Starting with the fact that you can search for similar products in your niche.

Many affiliates work with brands in the same industry, which is beneficial for their audience. Once you offer a more comprehensive range of options, your customers will have more choices, increasing your subscriber loyalty and overall conversion rate. Besides, adding similar brands and products can be helpful when you are creating a comparative review of two competing products. 

  • Affiliate networks

These are the places where offers and affiliate programs often circulate. For better understanding, think of affiliate networks as intermediaries of companies and brands that want to promote their products and, for this, partner up with people like you, affiliates who have an audience that could be interested in their products.

Most networks already have an efficient organization and offer training, marketing tools, and other resources to help new affiliates succeed. Amazon’s affiliate network is an example of one of the most successful as it allows affiliates to promote millions of products without geographical barriers and offers support for it. To understand how to join an affiliate network, check the 9 common questions about this topic.

  • Affiliate communities and forums

Communities and forums are virtual spaces where different professionals of varying experience levels come together to ask questions about industry-related topics and find new opportunities. You can usually find these pages on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

That’s where brands and new businesses post links to their affiliate programs, and you can take the opportunity to find links that fit your niche. In addition to communities on social media platforms, consider the good old affiliate marketing forums. To help you out, we’ve gathered the most useful and active affiliate marketing forums and communities in the world. 

  • Affise Reach

Perhaps, you’re wondering if there are other alternatives for affiliates to find offers without spending so much time searching for affiliate programs and finding common problems like, for example, shady offers need much effort to promote.

One way to optimize your time and avoid pitfalls as an affiliate is to sign up for our platform Reach, which allows affiliates to build relationships with brands and interact with the advertiser directly, besides being discovered without geographical boundaries. 

Many brands already know that affiliates are key to understanding a new audience and delivering sustainable business growth. So brand owners join the Reach platform to create their offers, while by signing up, affiliates find global brand offers more efficiently and have a range of programs to choose from. See how easy it is to get started:

So if you are looking for affiliate programs with attractive offers that are more competitive and save you time, you should sign up for Affise Reach.

What you as an affiliate should consider:

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To sum up

In this article, we talk about affiliate marketing, explain the most common types of affiliates, how to get links to promote, and choose the best affiliate program. Before we close, let’s do a recap:

  • Research and learn about affiliate marketing. For instance, on the Affise blog, you’ll find complete content about it.
  • See the most common types of affiliates and choose which method you want to work with.
  • Consider several ways to find links: online search, similar brands, affiliate networks, affiliate communities, and forums.
  • Get a head start by signing up to Affise Reach, a comprehensive platform for connecting brands, publishers, and affiliates, giving access to attractive offers, and saving you time.

The growth of the affiliate market can open the door to tremendous opportunities for those who want to work in this industry. To make the most use of it, don’t be afraid to learn, test, and apply digital marketing techniques once you find the best affiliate programs to promote to your audience.

Wondering how to increase your chances of being discovered by global brands?

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