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Tips & Guides — 25 Aug 2022

Affiliate Marketing Communities & Forums

The Most Useful Affiliate Marketing Forums & Communities

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  • Where can you get help at the start of your marketing career?
  • Where can you get insider information on successful marketing campaigns?
  • Where can you make business contacts with peers and clients?
  • Where can you be the first to know the most relevant affiliate marketing trends?

Probably, the most suitable answer to all these questions is the internet communities and forums.

We’re well assured that before joining a specific online community, you’ll need to make sure of its benefits. Since to achieve all of the above goals will take your time and patience.

In this article, we’ve collected the largest and, more importantly, the most active affiliate marketing forums and communities in the world.

World’s Largest Affiliate Marketing Forums

The two largest affiliate marketing forums in the world are BlackHatWorld and Warrior Forum, which can be explained by the fact that they are free. Although a majority of their audience are freebies, you can’t deny how large these communities are. Just take a look at the online traffic they receive. The BlackHatWorld Forum in 2019 had an average of 1,670,000 monthly visitors.


Despite BlackHat Forum having massive traffic, it doesn’t mean that your choice must stop here. It’s worth noting, as the name suggests, this forum focuses primarily on “black hat SEO.” In any case, the portal has a big section dedicated to affiliate marketing too.


The closest to BlackHat by the traffic numbers is the Warrior Forum, with an average of 320,000 monthly visitors. Experts usually describe this forum as a launching pad prior move to the BlackHatWorld forum. However, it means that you can find much useful information for affiliate marketing beginners at the Warrior Forum.

A kind of disadvantage of the Warrior Forum may be the ability to promote a business through an email list consisting of forum users.


As for the half-free half-paid options, Affilorama is the undisputed leader. In terms of the traffic, their site had 52,000 visitors per month on average. The main reason for the high popularity of this community is a large amount of training video content for premium members and the relatively low cost of paid subscriptions.


The next forum we suggest you try is the AffiliateFix, with 36,000 monthly visitors on average over the previous year. It’s also a free forum that is famous for its activity and high level of engagement: moderators and experts of AffiliateFix working like a swiss clock. Besides, you may well find new partners and clients in the business section of the forum. It’s true due to the case that many affiliates, networks, advertisers, and everyone in between are posting there. Still, you’ll have to dig deep into a large number of existing discussions and messages at AffiliateFix.

The next sites are inferior in terms of traffic to their competitors, but not in the quality of content. The decrease in traffic in these cases explained because these are paid communities. Therefore, we will evaluate these three at the cost of their subscriptions.


The most expensive of the three is the STM Forum – $99 per month. The main thing there is that it has its training programs and conferences (Affiliate World Conferences). So, it has a special section with advice from users regarding traveling, finances, and other info about live events.

If you are looking for slightly cheaper alternatives to STM Forum, check out AffPlaybook and AffLift. Besides, they have affiliate related discussions only and lower subscription price.

One of the hallmarks of paid forums is that their users can participate in contests and receive excellent prizes. For example, winners can get a substantial discount on some traffic sources or other tools for affiliate marketers.

All of the above forums are in English, and the majority of their audience consists of US representatives. For sure, this doesn’t mean that there are no top-level affiliate forums in other languages. Here are just a few examples of popular foreign affiliate marketing communities.

AdvertCN site has over 42,000 average monthly visitors. It’s a very user-friendly and mobile-oriented affiliate marketing forum.

CPAClub online community is considered one of the best partnership communities in the world. It’s a close VIP community of professional affiliates that has over 13,000 monthly users on average, and it isn’t easy to get into the club.

Unfortunately for many marketers around the world, AdvertCN and CPAClub have a similar problem – one supports only Chinese language, and another is a russian-speaking community.

Top Affiliate Communities Online

Of course, speaking about online communities, social networks can’t be ignored. Groups in social media also can be supportive and helpful for you. We’ve selected the largest Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook affiliate marketing communities.

The closed group Affiliate Marketing Group in LinkedIn has more than 42,000 professional members. But according to evidence, the group has only one administrator. Because of this fact, posts with self-promotion and low quality prevail in the community. Nevertheless, the group is rather large, and with a high degree of probability, to a serious question you will get one or two good answers. In our opinion, this point alone is enough to be mentioned on our list.

Joining Facebook community Affiliate Marketing Ninjas with over 34,000 subscribed members will give you insights on how to go about your business. Lots of affiliate pros in this closed group ready to assist, and there are links to a few resources in the pinned section, which you may find pretty helpful. Also, if somebody did any recruiting or self-promotion, he would be banned, so it’s a clean group.

Social platform Reddit has two large groups connected to affiliate marketing: r/Affiliatemarketing with 32,000 subscribers and r/DigitalMarketing with 35,000 members.

Reddit community r/Affiliatemarketing is undoubtedly the most active affiliate marketing social media group. Besides the fact that this group is very active and well moderated, beginners, as well as experienced affiliate marketers, can learn a lot here. As for r/DigitalMarketing, it referred to affiliate marketing only partially. Still, there is so much useful content that this group also deserves mention.


Here at Affise, we’re always open for communication in our social networks and beyond. We’re also striving to create our own small but helpful community. Therefore, if you want to ask a question about affiliate marketing or share your experience in the industry with your peers, feel free to write a word or two to us. You can do it via our email (hey@affise.com) or at any of our social media. Together we are stronger.

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