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Updates — 08 May 2023

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  • 7 Reasons to Keep an Eye on Product Updates for the Next Months

7 Reasons to Keep an Eye on Product Updates for the Next Months

It might be summer and some of us were indeed on vacation, but we’ve still been busy working on the platform functional to improve the workflow, automate daily operations and make operational and business processes impeccable.  To stay at the top, companies have to constantly innovate and adapt to meet their customers’ needs. We’ve spent the last several months speaking with our customers, and today we want to announce our next series of features coming soon.

Any business aims to save time and eliminate the risk of human error by getting rid of manual work. The core solution of these and connected challenges is automation. During the summer we put the automation first and now we are excited to shed light on what is coming soon.

1. New Bulk Actions

With the release of new bulk actions we want to enable you to get things done much faster. New bulk actions feature will enable you to select, add, replace or delete one or multiple items across multiple offers with a single action:

  • Update general and personal payouts and conditions the commission is based on.

  • Apply changes to caps on clicks, conversions, budget according to affiliate, country, goal, etc.

  • Assign particular affiliates or the entire groups to the relevant campaigns.

2. Advanced Cap Management

The ability to set offer caps in order to control spending and conversions has always been among Affise features. But nothing stands still, we keep updating the system to make it more revolutionary for users to work on. This time, we are about to add a cap on advertisers and on sub accounts. All put together the new advanced cap management will save affiliate networks hours of manual work monitoring ad budget, provide global cap for all offers and  enable flexible budget recalculation.

New Cap on Advertisers

The new cap on advertisers, or global cap,  applies to all offers from an advertiser. It will save affiliate managers hours of manual monitoring of advertisers budget and guarantee that advertisers’ budget stays within the limit. Global cap calculates fees an advertiser should pay to an affiliate network, registers all conversions, makes sure an overcap is not reached, calculates fees in a specified currency, recalculates conversions and fees if offer was deleted or the conversion was rejected. Recalculation of conversions and fees happen every three hours. 

New cap on Sub Accounts

With new sub accounts cap Affise customer could set caps on traffic sources gaining the full control over the traffic flow. With the tendency for the platform users to work with a number of advertisers that have their own specific terms and conditions, the opportunity to manage traffic flow more flexibly is highly conducive.

3. Anti-Fraud Analytics & Automation

As a leading platform for affiliate and partner marketing, Affise puts a lot of effort and expertise into creating a well-developed ecosystem for its customers. We want our customers to handle their partner marketing campaigns efficiently instead of throwing money down to fraudsters. So far there are a number of solutions implemented within the platform that can be used to combat fraud,  like click-level fraud prevention, conversion rate optimization, minimal time to conversion feature, integrations with dedicated anti-fraud services. And here comes more.

Affise is about to roll out anti-fraud analytics & automation that will allow you to:

  • Setup your antifraud automation in as fast as 5 clicks. 
  • Get insights in risk probability by affiliate, offer or advertiser. 
  • Automatically reject fraudulent conversions according to flexible rules.
  • Score conversions in accordance with a campaign type (CPA, CPA, Leadgen, E-commerce).

4. New UI

We do care how our customers feel when interacting with Affise. We’ve observed our customers using Affise, talked to them and learnt a lot about the decisions they make and how they make them, all to provide great user experience.

We can’t wait to show you the new UI of our product that will be first available on the following pages:

  • Offers list
  • Advertisers list
  • Affiliates list
  • Conversions list
  • Anti-fraud protection tools
  • Offers checker
  • Notifications
  • Affiliate panel
  • More to come!

5. Smartlinks

Our recently updated Smartlinks is an excellent example of how advertisers can double their earnings with little or no effort at all. Owing to Smartlink affiliates can send traffic to a single Tracking URL without choosing a specific offer. The Smartlink algorithm detects offers with the highest EPC potential among those that match the targeted audience. This distribution maximizes EPC and CR with the efficiency unachievable solely with human judgement.

Just one example, in our side-by-side tests new Smartlinks’ logic showed an enormous improvement compared to the previous version: up to five times higher conversion rate and up to twice higher EPC.

New Smartlinks targeting takes into account a much broader list of parameters including: all caps, all parameters in targeting groups, personal targeting, affiliate permissions. They search for the most prospective offer for every click, monitor changes in offers’ performance, choose the amount of traffic necessary to gather data, etc. Read more about updated Smartlinks here.

6. Workflow Automation

The further step in the mission to automate all operational aspects, our development team is working on releasing workflow automation to streamline repetitive and time-consuming work. 

Easy-to-use ‘if-then’ rules will allow you to automate your team’s workflows and focus on what can’t be done without your assistance. To create a rule, you will need to choose conditions and a corresponding action that the system will perform if conditions are met. 


  • Affiliate registration
  • Offer creation
  • Conversion rate
  • New ticket
  • And more


  • Send a notification
  • Disable an offer
  • Assign an affiliate to a manager
  • Block an affiliate
  • And more

For example:  

  1. If an advertiser has a new offer, then it gets automatically approved for a publisher that already works with this advertiser;
  2. If an advertiser gets a new publisher registration from a GEO X, then it is assigned to a manager Y, etc.

The workflow automation doesn’t limit you in notifications setup, you can combine as many rules as your workflows require.

7. Google Integration

Following the earlier this year introduced Affise BI, which mission is to create a unified space where marketers can easily access data on their ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions without leaving one window, we are preparing Affise BI integration with data from Google Ads.

The new report on data from Google Ads will allow Affise customers to see the overview of campaigns performance and the following data such as impressions, clicks, conversions, budget, interactions, cost, etc., all within one dashboard. You will no longer need to switch between platforms and applications.

That was a brief preview of the upcoming updates that you will be able to experience soon. We put our customers’ needs in the core of the recent features release and can’t wait to get your feedback once all features are released. 

Our customer’s opinion always counts! If you want to add your feedback to our roadmap, please do so by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

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