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Affise Partners up with Billoid to Automate Billing Processes

By introducing the platform that allows to create, kickstart and manage your affiliate network and ad campaign, Affise automates the core function of affiliate business, while at the same time there is still a great deal of day-to-day workflow that demands resources and time. And this routine grows along with the growth of a company. While some routine workflow may be at the bottom of the list, billing – can’t!

The billing processes are burdensome, but definitely not the ones to neglect. Issuing invoices, managing taxes is a must in any business. With this in mind we partnered with a billing solution provider, Billoid, which is now available for all Affise clients at the Marketplace section.


Dmitrii Zotov, CTO, Affise

“We are pleased to work with such a reliable billing technology provider as Billoid. It’s essential for our customers to have a safe billing solutions and now we are sure that  we can provide them with such. That’s exactly the same stack of solutions that companies are looking for. Automated Invoicing and payments, cash flow and tax compliance management form crucial workflow part that must be taken care of”.

What is Billoid?

Billoid by Zendri, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is the leading billing intelligence solution for the affiliate and performance industry. This solution helps performance networks around the world to automate and simplify finance processes and simplify smart financial decision making. Billoid clients benefit from huge time savings and easy cash flow management while they stay compliant with any tax legislation world wide.


How it works

Billing integration will automate and customize all your billing and invoicing process while also ensuring that your company stays compliant with any tax legislations, national or worldwide. The last is largely beneficial, as working with different clients or different systems whose billing settings are not compliant with your tax legislations may take a lot of man-hours.  With Billoid you will spend only a few hours on initial set up, where you will define tax regulations and customize the rules.

Talking about billing automation, Billoid aims to strengthen relations between networks and their advertisers by simplifying their cash flow management. It will be a positive practice for both parties, providing them with much quicker cash flow and notifications if something is left unpaid.

With Billoid integration Affise clients will be able to:

It is a perfect match, Affise will let networks focus on the core of their business and its growth, at the time when Billoid takes over all financial workflow.  From now on Billoid smart data processing will provide networks with full control over their cash flow and all needed data for smart financial decision-making.


Jens Wessel, CEO, Billoid

We are more than happy to partner with an outstanding technology provider as Affise. In a quick-moving industry like ours, reliable, efficient and innovative technology is a key factor for the success of digital marketing companies. We found, that the highly experienced and customer-oriented Affise team is providing exactly what marketers are looking for in order to scale their business. The combination of the Affise tracking platform and our leading billing technology will bring huge advantages to performance networks and agencies who are struggling to cope with time consuming administrative and financial tasks“.

Want to Join Affise Marketplace as a Partner?

If you are a technology vendor working in the affiliate and performance marketing industry and believe that your technology will be of great value for Affise customers, do not hesitate to contact us by emailing to hey@affise.com.

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