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Introducing Affise Product Feeds


We’re excited to introduce our newest Product Feeds feature!

With Product Feeds, you can import your store’s entire product catalog directly into Affise and share it seamlessly with your affiliates. This feature allows your affiliates to pull XML feeds and integrate products directly into their websites. Affiliates will have access to all product descriptions, URLs, and images from your website.

Additionally, enhanced tracking capabilities will enable advertisers to track product SKUs and orders, allowing for direct integration with popular platforms like Shopify.

What are product feeds?

A product feed or an XML feed is a popular tool among publishers. It is an XML file that contains data about products from the advertiser’s catalog. 

Affiliates can use the product feed to create price comparison websites, affiliate online stores, and email newsletters with product descriptions. Using their own or ready-to-use parsers and plugins, they can transform the information from the XML file into the required format, upload it to their ad spaces, and form their own product catalogs.


Benefits of Product Feeds

Product feeds offer several key benefits:

  • Efficient Link Generation: Affiliates can quickly find and use relevant product links without the time-consuming task of manually creating deep links for each product.
  • Access to Product Data: Publishers gain access to a vast catalog of product details and pricing information, enabling them to display and market products in various ways to their audience.
  • Improved Conversion Tracking: Product feeds allow accurate conversion tracking, enabling advertisers to attribute sales (order IDs, product SKUs) to specific publishers and measure the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing efforts.

How to Use Product Feeds in Affise

Creating a Feed:

Creating a Feed
  1. Go to Advertisers → Product feeds.
  2. Click Create new product feed.
  3. Enter product feed information.
  4. On the next step, map fields like Product URL, description and image URL. There are two required fields:
    1. Product URL.
    2. Product SKU.

Adding a Feed to the Offer:

  1. Select the feed in the offer from the Product feeds tab and save the offer.

Pulling Feed as an Affiliate:

Pulling Feed as an Affiliate
  1. Go to the Offer → Offer → Product feeds.
  2. Click Generate to generate the latest product feed file.
  3. Click Download to access your product feed.

Product Tracking:

We have enhanced tracking capabilities, allowing you to track multiple products for one order ID.

For example, you can specify two product SKUs with a price of $12.99 and three product SKUs with a price of $20.99. Our system will create two conversions as a result, with $25.98 and $62.97 respectively.

You can view order ID, quantity, and product SKU information in the Conversions section of statistics.

Product Tracking

Availability and Pricing

You can learn more about product feeds setup in this article.

The Product Feeds feature is available on the Custom plan only.

Contact your customer success manager today to get access to the product feeds feature and boost your store sales!

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