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Affise Integrates with Fraud Defense by InMobi to Strengthen Ad Fraud Protection

Ad fraud is on the rise nowadays, promising to result in $19 billion loss over 2018. Despite the evolving preventing measures and initiatives, the fraud stays a major issue and becomes more sophisticated each year. Thus, it is important for Affise to provide you with protective tools that are ready to face new challenges. We are glad to announce our integration with InMobi Fraud Defense, the Industry leading Prevention Framework.

Why Fraud Defense?

InMobi Fraud Defense is a fraud prevention framework, which detection technology is aimed at helping to reduce waste of ad spends, thus, delivering better ROI. The basis of the platform is a three-step protection model, including detection with threshold-based techniques, prevention with deep learning algorithms, and operations that use human intelligence to weed out fraud completely.

Machine Learning and Customization

Fraud Defense is a great match for Affise as in its core there is a machine learning, that allows to detect most sophisticated types of Ad fraud and prevent it in real-time. Complemented with deterministic algorithms, it helps Affise users to reduce false positive or negative checks. One more feature to set your eyes on is customizable fraud rules that let you set the fraud-check that would fit your objectives freely. Finally, with the help of powerful actionable dashboard, you can slice and dice your blocking settings and thresholds, get insights in real-time and share them with advertisers and ad networks.

Smart Blocking

The distinctive feature of Fraud Defense is SmartBlocking. While other anti-fraud products may drop all the clicks, including non-fraudulent, SmartBlocking predicts and drops only fraudulent clicks from publishers, allowing genuine ones. Therefore, the tool results in effective fraud reduction without affecting the scale.


Standards Compliance

In the end, the advantage of Fraud Defense over the other fraud prevention platforms is that it  is compliant with Industry standards and Regulations (GDPR/PDPR) and protects the data with multi tenant architecture. Consequently, you are provided with data security and governance that, in turn, provide you with peace of mind.

Pick the technology stack that works best for you

Try Fraud Defense today! Go to Affise Marketplace tab in the admin panel and the manager will provide you with an access to the framework to detect and prevent fraud securely and effectively.

Looking for more opportunities to enhance your performance? Discover best-in-class technologies to optimize your day-to-day routines and workflow across a range of capabilities: billing, fraud detection, BI event streaming, CR optimization, lead generation and more.

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