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News — 09 Mar 2023

Affise 7 Years Journey: How We Have Grown Over These Years

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  • Affise Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary In January

Affise Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary In January

Partnership marketing is increasingly being used these days by brands or advertisers who want to work with an influencer or affiliate. But this industry was not always as booming as it is today.

Working as founders of their own CPI networks and starting a new affiliate program, Stanislau and Dmitri, the two future co-founders of Affise, first met in 2013. At that time, the industry was still quite new. They faced many shortcomings of the affiliate marketing solutions on the market while wondering which tracking solution would be the best option for their campaigns to achieve the desired results. Together, they started thinking about a solution that could overcome these challenges.

In 2016, Stanislau and Dmitri released Affise, a customized affiliate management solution that offers unique features to simplify partnership marketing. Since the beginning, the platform has attracted attention as tools that differ from the competition’s, such as CPAPI and SmartLinks.

Seven years later, Affise is celebrating one more anniversary this January, which speaks not only for the company that has earned a reputation as a reliable provider of performance marketing software solutions during these years but also for its development and efforts to meet the demands of the market and deliver the best solution to its customers. 

Look at Affise’s remarkable achievements over the years through the timeline below.


  • Dmitri and Stanislau, the later co-founders of Affise, met and found a common goal: to develop a complete, secure, and transparent solution that would allow affiliate networks to work more simply and efficiently.
“I realized that the affiliate marketing industry needed a better tracking solution — transparent, easy-to-use, and powerful enough to meet the new market challenges"
Dmitri Zotov, Founder and CTO at Affise


  • Affise was officially launched.
"We built a really large network that pushed the boundaries of what was possible at the time. It was a great experience and, of course, a great way to learn about performance marketing from the ground up."
Dmitri Zotov
Founder and CTO at Affise
  • Thinking about a way to make it possible to add affiliate programs, synchronize data and stop or start offers with just a few clicks, the CPAPI tool was launched into Affise platform. Since then, advertisers can retrieve offers much more effortlessly. 
  • To allow our customers to work with unlimited offers without time wasted on A/B testing, the SmartLinks tool was integrated into the Affise system. The SmartLink learning technology can choose the offers, obtaining the maximum profit on a given traffic.


  • Affise started its operations in India.
"When Affise entered the market, the affiliate marketing landscape entered a new phase not just in India but globally. We also were the first to introduce CPAPI, a further innovation that makes it simple for networks and agencies to resell offerings. Among partnership marketing platforms in India, We are proud to say we are the industry leader."
Krish Kidao, India Director at Affise
  • Between 2017 and 2019, Affise grew its client base exponentially and became a well-known tracking solution, holding close to 55% of the market share in India.
“In 2017 when the market was dominated by players who were still charging on a click-based commercial model, which not only was expensive but at the same time not feasible for many Ad-networks and agencies as it wasn’t a performance-driven model, it was perfect timing for Affise as we were able to disrupt the market by giving conversion based costs, which excited many of our prospects making them switch to us instantly from their existing platform.”
Krish Kidao
India Director at Affise


  • Affise completed one of the most important certifications for the industry: the ePrivacy, a privacy seal of approval following an in-depth audit of a company’s online and mobile products. This quality certificate confirms and assures our partners that Affise is trustworthy and complies with industry standards by processing data according to the highest privacy standards.


Affise Raises $8M Series A

Learn now →
  • Affise started the year by raising $8M in Series A funding, led by Leta Capital, with participation from TMT Investments. It was a major milestone in the company’s rapid and exponential growth. Affise continues its mission to make the affiliate marketing channel simple, secure, and transparent by:
  • In line with the changes made by Apple and the introduction of SKAdNetwork, Apple’s privacy-friendly method for measuring mobile campaign attribution in iOS apps, Affise began working to enable the integration of iOS mobile campaign data efficiently and securely. The integration allowed ad networks to configure and view the data collected by SKAdnetwork through the Affise platform. 
"We are working on new solutions to provide our customers with transparent attribution."
Dmitri Zotov
Founder and CTO at Affise
  • A Knowledge Hub was developed, a space on the Affise website that aggregates all content assets on partnership marketing by category. With Knowledge Hub, readers can quickly find information on a particular topic stored in one place.
  • Affise completed the SOC 2 Type II audit, meeting the most stringent Saas industry standards developed by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA). SOC 2 assesses a system’s security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy.
"We wanted to raise the bar even higher and get the SOC 2 Type II certification, which takes at least 8-10 months to complete. I know many of our competitors just put a standard GDPR document on their website, and that's as far as it goes, but we think our customers deserve better."
Dmitri Zotov
Founder and CTO at Affise


  • Introduced Affise Reach, an end-to-end technology that helps brands and advertisers to find and team up with the best affiliates, content creators, and influencers to partner with, build relationships and manage affiliate marketing campaigns.
"Partner Marketing is an obvious avenue to explore, but it has been very difficult to work with multiple influencers simultaneously. Addressing this pain point has long been one of Affise's goals, and we designed our new Reach product to enable partner marketing on a large scale."
Dmitri Zotov
Founder and CTO at Affise
"Our main goal in the interim is to reduce the complexity of the platform to shorten the delivery time. That's why Kubernetes and the full migration to Cloud platforms were top priorities this year."
Krish Kidao
India Director at Affise
  • The updated version of the CPAPI tool has been released. Thanks to this, the tool can run even more accurately, is ready to face modern challenges, and enables Affise’s customers to increase their profits further.
  • We care about our customer’s success. Our customer support team worked hard to improve response time, adjust the incident resolution process, detect recurring problems and bring it to permanent fixes, and resolve requests faster. Thus, we grew our customer satisfaction rate to 96,6% in 2022. 

Happy clients are our best award. Source: Internal material 

"We have a customer success team fully dedicated to helping our customers take it to the next level. Our managers are not just assistants in navigating the platform. They are experts in consulting on advertising trends, the most effective promotion strategies in a specific vertical, and more."
Dmitri Zotov
Founder and CTO at Affise
  • Privacy and customer data issues have become one of the biggest challenges to address in the modern world. To face it, Affise expanded its affiliate management ecosystem by introducing one more solution, Affise MMP. The tool makes the results of a company’s mobile apps predictable, manageable and visible while respecting privacy and helping to maximize revenue.
  • Thanks to Affise’s advanced anti-fraud tool, the percentage of all analyzed conversions reached 33% last year. This has enabled Affise’s customers to closely examine the quality of their traffic and carefully tackle fraudulent traffic.

To Sum Up

Affise’s entry into the affiliate marketing industry 7 years ago was groundbreaking, introducing tools that made it possible to effectively and securely manage not just one relationship with one partner but thousands simultaneously. Today, we at Affise are celebrating our anniversary this January, proud to be ahead of the market and stay focused on the needs of our customers.

“Affise has always been at the forefront of using cutting-edge technology. We are implementing technology that meets the needs of our customers. We analyze over a trillion clicks and impressions each month, so we are perfectly equipped to handle these large volumes of data and provide analytics that enables our clients to outperform the competition. As an illustration, we can predict advertiser revenue with 98.9% accuracy using machine learning methods. This can deepen the awareness of how the company will operate, which is essential in these uncertain times.” says Krish Kidao.

We are proud that this story continues to be written every day with our customers, partners, and the best professionals in the industry. Keep following us, and if you have never used the Affise platform, take the time to request your trial.

Make sure your campaigns are covered by a platform that offers a range of features. Need more than 7 days to try? No problem!

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