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Affise Raises

News — 28 Apr 2023

Affise Raises
$8M Series A

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  • Affise Raises $8M Series A to Make Partnerships a Measurable and Transparent Marketing Channel

Affise Raises $8M Series A to Make Partnerships a Measurable and Transparent Marketing Channel

Today, we’re extremely excited to announce that Affise has secured a Series A funding round worth $8 million, led by Leta Capital with participation of TMT Investments. And we strongly believe that this funding round will help us further follow Affise’s mission of empowering marketers with the tools needed to catapult their success and make accurate strategic decisions.

Over these years, partnership management has become the vital component of the marketing technology stack. We’ve grown from a small startup to an enterprise company of over 120 professionals that offers the leading technology in the partnership marketing industry. We gained trust of 1,000+ customers, including world-known brands and agencies. And we continue changing the industry landscape bringing transparency and measurability with our innovative ideas. 

The incredible time like this is a perfect opportunity to thank everyone who has been a part of this long yet fascinating journey. So, today we would like to take this chance and express profound gratitude to our dear customers:

  • Thank you for choosing Affise and trusting us to represent your interests in your partner marketing activities. We’re incredibly happy to see how you grow with us, and we are especially grateful that you’ve chosen us to be a part of this growth.
  • Thank you for your feedback along the way. It helps us to enhance the platform and evolve over the years. And we do promise to improve the platform capabilities and process all your requests even faster. So, stay Affised for further leap!
  • Thanks for valuing our efforts to meet your expectations and needs. We appreciate our partnership and we’ll keep doing everything possible (and impossible) to make your experience with Affise even more rewarding.

Stanislau Litvinau, CEO at Affise (left) and Dmitrii Zotov, CTO at Affise (right)

On a separate note, we’d like to thank our partners for strong relationships we have built together and for taking care of our customers in a range of activities. And, of course, we wouldn’t have done it without our wonderful team! You are a driving force that moves the company and the product forward, for embracing changes and overcoming any challenges. Thanks for being here for us and our customers!

What comes next?

Since 2016, we have been implementing most innovative technologies on the market and adopting a long-term vision on the partnerships industry. And we strongly believe that the recent funding round will allow us to advocate our ideas and vision further and will have a significant impact on our company, customers, and the entire market. 

New level of customer service and care

As a customer-first company, customer service has always been the top priority for Affise, and we do invest a lot of effort in order to make meaningful relationships with our clients in a proactive and impactful way. 

Personalized attention, prompt replies to requests, and efficient assistance with any inquiries are the vital components and basic principles we will continue to work on. We have always been proud of the 97% satisfaction rate that our clients rate Affise with, and we’ll do our best to make it a strong 100%. Expect a smoother customer journey with Affise and an individual approach from your first touchpoint with our solutions.

Partner marketing platform to facilitate incremental growth

For Affise, the following year will be marked by a significant mission to expand the product suite, providing marketers with a single platform to automate and scale partnerships. We grow our development team to process features’ requests faster, allowing our customers to leverage the ever-evolving partnerships management platform.

Affise has shown remarkable international growth, which we are happy to intensify even further with the investment round. We can see that performance marketing becomes essential across many new channels which were difficult to measure until recently. The company empowers its clients with the real tools to boost the business, and we believe that Affise is going to become an industry-standard in performance marketing automation software.
Alexander Chachava, Managing partner at Leta Capital

We will continue to adopt and lead the highest standards of security, data privacy, and compliance, as our clients’ data is also a fundamental aspect of the Affise platform. Thus, completing SOC 2 examination of security controls is the goal we aim to achieve soon. SOC 2 is intended to meet the needs of a broad range of users that need to understand internal control at a service organization as it relates to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy. Successfully completing a SOC 2 examination proves that systems are properly designed to keep data secure.

New markets and regions

Our commitment to representing the marketers’ interests has gained the trust of the world’s leading agencies and networks, and we see significant potential to capture additional opportunity in the market. One strategy we’re aiming to complete with this funding is entering the adjacent market of direct advertisers and brands, empowering them to grow their marketing channel with affiliate programs. 

Besides, following a tremendous success entering the Chinese market in 2019, Affise plans to increase its presence in North America, LatAm, and SEA, as well as cement its leadership in Europe, Israel and India.

The funding round will help the team focus on geographic expansion in regions where advertising, affiliate marketing and economy as a whole are growing, namely the States and Asian countries. With such a great team and product, we believe in success
Artyom Inyutin, Co-founder & Head of Investments, TMT Investments


Now as we have the support of Leta Capital and TMT Investments, we’re extremely happy to continue our exciting journey towards driving innovations and transparency across the industry, and empowering marketers with the tools needed to catapult their success and make accurate strategic decisions.

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