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Tips & Guides — 12 Dec 2022

SaaS Affiliate Trackers Features to Improve Your Business Growth

What Features Should You Look For In SaaS Affiliate Trackers?

Managing an entire affiliate network is no easy task, especially when administering multiple campaigns with many affiliates across different channels. Even for those with experience, keeping track of an entire affiliate ecosystem is challenging. Do you agree?

It can be even more exhausting if you don’t have the resources to track your KPIs accurately; we know that. To make this a smooth process. you need an affiliate tracking platform to operate efficiently and maximize the ROI of your network.

Additionally, you need to be capable of managing all your affiliate partnerships and scaling them easily by controlling the entire process from one place. To learn more, we have put together a few tips on what features make a tool the best affiliate management software option. Let’s dive in.

What features should an ideal affiliate tracker for the network have?

1 – Looking at the tracking options

Affiliate marketing is a huge market and will continue to grow in the coming years. In this large field, tracking every affiliate touchpoint is one of the biggest challenges. So, an affiliate tracking ecosystem prepared for modern challenges should provide the opportunity to improve decision-making by relying on data.

Depending on your chosen platform, running and tracking your results with full ownership of all data and reporting accuracy will be possible with full-cycle impression tracking and S2S postbacks. Make sure it’s possible to use personalized dashboards to identify each stage of your campaign easily. Also, see if you can find insights on how your affiliates perform and create detailed custom reports as needed.

6 Affiliate tracking software to watch out for

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2 – Considering management features

An affiliate marketing platform should help you manage many different steps within your network. Generally speaking, this process involves tracking and administering all your campaigns, affiliates, and traffic with only one software. Efficient management is crucial for each of these steps. Let’s learn about some of them:

Offer management: First, consider offer management one of your network’s most important features. It will save you time and effort, as you will not need to transfer your offers manually. 

Fraud prevention: Check if the tool has fraud prevention options since this problem affects many networks and brands that work with affiliates. Content creators have increased fraud, especially when partnering with Instagram influencers, and 67% of brands are concerned about it.

Payments management: Another essential factor in maintaining good partnerships is to pay special attention to the timing of each partner’s payments. More to the point, providing incentives to outstanding partners is essential to keep motivating them to promote your campaigns. Sounds like a lot of work to do? The truth is that this is not a complicated task, as long as the affiliate marketing platform you choose has features that ensure your partners are paid on time and also shows which partners are excelling the most, so you can set up commissions accordingly. 

Media management: Training and support materials are essential, as your partners will need these materials to promote product accuracy by knowing the guidelines for each campaign. Find if it is possible to include collateral materials with your campaigns by checking the options for Media Management. This should allow you to host, import, export, and replace various media types, such as images in jpg, png, video banners, text links, and so on.

Make sure your network is covered by a platform that offers a range of features. Need more than 7 days to try? No problem!

3 – Using automation options

In many industries, automation is a key feature to success. It is even more crucial when we think about digital marketing processes. That way, you can use your resources better and more appropriately and allocate more time to important tasks.

When considering an affiliate tracking platform, you can check a few features when looking for the best alternative. First, check if it is possible to automate your KPI and CR. Also, analyze if you have the option of Smartlinks and API integration for partners or billing API for payments. These are essential resources to manage your network smoothly.

4 – Ensuring a smooth integration process

Analyze if the affiliate tracking platform chosen to manage your network allows you to set up interactions efficiently. The platform should enable seamless third-party integration, eCommerce platform integration options, and external data analytics alternatives to facilitate the process.

Additionally, check if there is a dedicated customer support team to help you answer your questions or solve any problems you might have while setting up the integration process or other tasks related to affiliate management. The help of the support team is essential, as it will simplify the integration process while saving you effort.

To sum up

Finding the best affiliate management software depends primarily on your business needs. Still, you can start by exploring all the bulletproof features Affise Performance provides and find out how this affiliate marketing platform solution can improve your network’s KPIs.

Affise Performance is a one-on-one affiliate marketing platform offering key features to manage networks accurately. It has an open API that is different from others because it ensures that each integration will be an effortless operation with a lasting result. Thanks to its simplified API and well-designed customer service, a business can integrate with all the major platforms.

Rely on a platform that offers a range of features to cover all areas of your network efficiently

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