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Affiliate Network Insider — 25 May 2022


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  • “Panic-Pandemic” Affiliate Marketing, Cyber Rebellion and Future of Mobile App Marketing – Interview with AppricotAds CEO

“Panic-Pandemic” Affiliate Marketing, Cyber Rebellion and Future of Mobile App Marketing – Interview with AppricotAds CEO

AppricotAds is an Ad Agency primarily focused on Mobile Apps Promotion. Within a year the team of professionals managed to establish over 300 interconnections with App Developers and reputable companies globally.

Each day new players are starting to conquer the affiliate marketing industry. They all aspire to achieve great success and hope that someday their names will appear along with the affiliate marketing leaders. Now we could hardly imagine that days and years ago all of these giants were newcomers as well. What were they dreaming of? Which problems did they have? What were the key factors to their success? How did they become globally known? What was the affiliate marketing industry like back then?

We continue sharing the answers to these and many more questions in our series of articles, Affiliate Network Insider*, that touch upon the working life of the biggest and most prominent affiliate networks in the industry. And today we have the CEO of AppricotAds, Ako Gurjinyan as a new guest of our column. Please, give a warm welcome!

– How and when it all started for you in affiliate marketing business? And how did you come up with an idea to launch your own affiliate network?

Ako Gurjinyan, CEO of AppricotAds

The AppricotAds Team has long experience in various domains including but not limited to advertising. The idea has always been nourishing me to create something “spicy” with its own “flavor”, which would make it different from other reputable companies. Why Advertising? Just because it’s challenging, passionate and actual, yet to grow and develop itself, bringing more benefits to app developers likewise ordinary users globally.

– Can you tell us about your team and how it supports you?

The Team is the heart of this company and that’s how it should be in all ventures and businesses, because a company is about people, who dedicate their times and efforts to make impossible possible, to make impossible just a word!

For the Appricots impossible means it hasn’t been done yet.

– Your experience in the industry is more than 5 years. How has the industry changed since then? 

The market trends are changing at a lighting speed from business models such as CPM/CPC/CPI towards a more complicated and challenging ones, like CPE/CPA etc. We have shifted ourselves to tackle these new challenges and we have been coping up with this trend. 

– Do you remember any funny story happened to you during your work in affiliate marketing?

 Not for the press ))

AppricotAds team attending affiliate events


– What are the biggest affiliate marketing talking points that you’ve noticed recently? And on a more personal level, what do you think will evolve in the industry this year?

The industry is more focused on the (as I call it) “panic-pandemic” this year. Some talk about negative impacts of lockdowns, though others, more pragmatic people, have understood the positive side of the quarantine. Staying home with your family is the very blessing one could have, let alone the increase of specific in-app activities, that resulted in boost of revenue on the market. 

– What about automation? Do you think that automation of the routine tasks is not the future of affiliate marketing, but already a reality?

I do believe in AI and Automation per se. I do not exclude human engagement into business processes at all. At least we do not wish to have cyber rebellion against humanity (joking). In fact, to substitute humans with their daily routine is what I expect will happen giving more freedom to professionals to work out better ideas. 

– Your TOP tips for affiliate networks to increase ROI?

Be honest! Be trustworthy! Partner with people and not with brands! And do not forget to Affise it!

– What is the future of mobile app marketing?

I assume the current trend will further be maintained with minor amendments for the next couple of years. The bottom line is – the apps market is blooming, with daily emerging of new apps, which in its turn, will find its audience. The future of the industry is very promising, charming and attractive! Our team is ready for it powered by Affise

– Can you give us a glance of the applications you use on your phone?

Skype, Email, Stocks, Linkedin. 

– What do you think is the main secret of your success? 

There are several paradigms I’d like to highlight – effective work, commitment, fair game and of course a belief!

* AFFILIATE NETWORK INSIDER is a project, covering success stories and inside life of the biggest and most prominent affiliate networks and agencies in the industry.

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