AI in Affiliate Marketing: How Do Marketers Benefit from It?

Tips & Guides — 28 Jan 2020

Artificial Intelligence in Affiliate Marketing

AI in Affiliate Marketing: How Do Marketers Benefit from It?

No matter the business industry, AI-driven innovations are rapidly taking over a great deal of day-to-day work, securing their long-term presence in business processes. Performance marketing is not an exception. Advertisers want to succeed in matching highly-converted offers with the needed audience, run campaigns at the most beneficial time, avoid broken links or fraudsters, that can waste their money.

Only using AI-driven technology marketers can achieve this automation in a split second. Even the most skeptical marketers with a cautious approach to ML technology, realizing that without AI they would be left behind the competitors, are leveraging AI in their campaigns. For marketers’ benefit, it’s essential to start to understand AI better to apply it successfully in ad campaigns and gain the most out of it.

What are the key benefits of AI innovations in Affiliate Marketing? 

  • Better-quality data analysis 

The success of affiliate campaigns is directly connected with the data marketers have from the previous campaigns. The more versatile and all-embracing, the better. But the effectiveness is not about the volumes alone. It is also about speed. Both data volumes and analysis speed are responsible for the final quality. Before, marketers could have collected mountains of unstructured data as well, but they would need days or even weeks to analyze it properly. While in the meantime, they were also getting new data. Working with unstructured data now is much easier – it no longer takes weeks for humans to analyze. Now, AI can identify data patterns and match people with offers in a matter of minutes.

  • More effective ad campaigns

With the insights collected from the previous ad campaigns, marketers are likely to succeed in their future campaigns. Based on knowledge received from the different variables, relations between brands, target audience engagement with creatives, advertisers have a great deal of data to rely upon.

  • Improved mobile advertising 

With improved data quality, the future of mobile advertising is also much more promising. Despite the high amount of mobile traffic, mobile advertising faces several challenges connected with regulations on the collection of customer data and promotion distribution, and the inability to measure the performance. Luckily for us, AI has a capacity to solve this puzzle by pulling data from different users, monitoring their internet over time, and enabling smart placement of ads and other promotional content. Thus it’s early to give up on mobile advertising.

Already implemented AI-driven features in affiliate marketing

These mentioned above are the strongest and long-term AI perspectives that are already put in place. Advertisers feel the difference and can brag about robust data-driven strategies, saved staff hours, and more successful ad campaigns. Let us give you some examples of AI-driven features that are already successfully implemented in affiliate marketing.

  • Chatbots as a major communication channel

With a massive amount of requests that companies receive every day, it’s challenging to pay equal attention to everyone. Acknowledging that a significant part of customer queries is generic, many companies shift towards using chatbots as the first interaction with a customer. When you know your customer’s challenges and questions, you can automate a good portion of your communication. All the basic queries are taken by bots, while you get to solve only complex and unique issues. Chatbots are gaining high popularity not only among large scale enterprises but also among medium-scale companies.

  •  CR optimization

CR optimization also has a lot to do with data collection and its prompt analysis. It is an AI-driven feature that filters traffic according to the performance of affiliates and traffic sources and, based on that, sends offers to the most likely to be converted traffic. The introduction of CR automation has become the crucial step towards a rapid automatic block of affiliates or traffic sources which fall short of the target rate; and also the means of ad budget-saving.

  • Smart Links

Smartlink, or also AI Smartlink, is a powerful monetization tool that allows affiliates you work with to get only one link for all offers. Smartlinks work by using the ML algorithm that decides which offer is shown for each specific user. The algorithm takes data about a user, analyses all the information received in order to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to be converted.

  • Fraud prevention

With fraud becoming more and more of a challenge, marketers can’t fully protect their campaigns with rules-based fraud prevention methodologies. Thus AI also steps in here. Under the AI-driven fraud prevention methods, dozens of campaign metrics and connections between them are analyzed by machine learning algorithms. Hence the decision to stop specific traffic comes from the machine learning algorithm, what in turn, ensures a high level of fraud detection accuracy.

Several years ago, we used to say that AI is the future. It is no longer a future, AI is already our present. But we haven’t seen the full potential of this present yet. Right now, all affiliate industry players are quickly adapting AI practices in their campaigns. Some are already far ahead, and some are only adapting. AI will only continue to evolve with new cutting-edge tools. The same will Affise! We keep pace with the times and implement every new AI trend at our platform. Stay Affised to be among the first to hear about new features!

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