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Affiliate Network Insider — 01 Jun 2022

How to grow your brand with influencers

How to grow your brand with influencers – HiLLARY Cosmetics

In the age of social media marketing where customer advocacy, reviews, and engagement with brands are higher than ever, partner marketing is becoming a more important channel for companies that want to grow and build communities. 

HiLLARY is one such brand that developed a loyal customer base. They continue to expand internationally, all thanks to their 1000+ influencers. We wanted to learn more directly from them, so we interviewed Vadym Pylypchuk, Co-founder of HiLLARY. He shared a lot of insights on how they’ve grown and continue to grow their business through partner marketing. 

First off, can you tell us about HiLLARY?

Founded in 2015 and based in Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine, HiLLARY Cosmetics is an all-natural and organic cosmetics brand that pioneered the aesthetic packaging and modern marketing of high-quality products in the natural cosmetics segment. 

All HiLLARY products are also made in Ukraine, which keeps the costs of natural products at a competitive price. This means that consumers who shop at HiLLARY are supporting the Ukrainian economy. Our company donates 20% of our revenue to support the Ukrainian armed forces in defending itself against Russian military aggression. 

HiLLARY works with over 1000 influencers and is internationally known with customers across Europe. HiLLARY is also steadily expanding its markets internationally like in Israel and in Taiwan.

Photo from hillary.ua


Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at HiLLARY Cosmetics.

My name is Vadym, and I’m one of the founders of the HiLLARY brand. We’re a Ukrainian manufacturer of natural cosmetics with a focus on innovative components. In the last 6 years we have been working to ensure that women in Ukraine and around the world can use quality cosmetics that are not only natural but also really work. We not only care about the beauty and health of our customers, but also about the environment. 

The company has over 60 employees who work on the comprehensive development of the brand, from marketing strategies to quality product packaging. We carefully research the trends of the cosmetology market and are constantly improving and adapting to the current needs of our customers. We pay a lot of attention to consulting, customer, and after-sales service. 

With all-encompassing customer care coupled with the quality and efficiency of our products, we’ve gained our customers’ trust in the brand. We can see this through our large percentage of conversions. We are proud that over 95% of all our product orders are paid and delivered to our customers.

Continuously improving the conditions of your cooperation with partners is also an essential part of working with them.

Vadym Pylypchuk, Co-Founder, HiLLARY

Why did HiLLARY Cosmetics decide to use partners as a main marketing channel, instead of other traditional marketing methods?

We use multiple channels for communication alongside different marketing promotions, but our affiliate program has shown some of the best sales figures. 

We achieve high conversions by carefully crafting a large database of creatives that guide our partners. Our guides show them how to use the different products that solve customer problems related to aging, hair-loss, cellulite, and more. Plus we also share information about the effects of using HiLLARY’s products.

Our offers are only legal and ethical offers, in other words, we don’t engage in gray marketing. We do not use nor allow the use of illegal methods to promote our products.

It’s also important to note that while guiding affiliates is essential in running a successful affiliate program, continuously improving the conditions of your cooperation with partners is also an essential part of working with them. This way, working with your brand not only brings your partners a favorable financial reward, but also joy and satisfaction in what they do.


HiLLARY partners with an impressive 1000+ influencers to promote its products on social media. How did you build such a successful affiliate program?

Most of our partners are customers who have used HiLLARY’s products themselves. We have created a system for attracting some of our customers who have marketing and business skills to partner with the company. Now they recommend us to their friends, families, and followers, while earning a commission through sales and referrals. 

On top, we listen to each of our partners and provide them with support. We hold training webinars on how to market our products.

In addition, it is a great opportunity to help those who lost their jobs due to the war in Ukraine, because one can earn with us at any time and from anywhere in the world, while helping to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


What is your advice for brands that are considering working with affiliates, influencers, and other partners?

You need to be responsible in choosing influencers, building the right communication methods and, understanding the tasks and desired results. It’s important to maintain systematic communication, keep going despite your first failures, and support others. Finally, it’s also important to educate partners on both the company’s products and their handling, along with some marketing tools. Many of our partners are experiencing working with traffic, marketing, and sales for the first time. This might be the same case for other brands.

In general, don’t be afraid to try something new. After all, failure and learning from it is a large part of success! 


Tracking partner performance can easily become resource-heavy.
What are the most important features of working with a partner marketing platform?

We have been looking for a convenient and functional platform for both partners and us for a long time. Functionality and customer support are important features of working with a platform. Affise provides a lot of the functions we need, quickly supports us through their online chat, and helps us in finding the necessary functions to solve problems that arise at work. Thanks to advanced statistics, we can also analyze the performance of each partner and identify patterns of traffic behavior.

Affiliate marketing is a great source of traffic, especially when you care about the strength of your brand.

Vadym Pylypchuk, Co-Founder, HiLLARY

Any last words that you would like to share?

Affiliate marketing is a great source of traffic, especially when you care about the strength of your brand and want to maintain and grow the loyalty of your customers. HiLLARY invites brands, advertisers with official, regulated offers and affiliate partners. We are confident that we will be able to agree on mutually beneficial terms and will be useful to each other. If you want to be part of our team, we invite you to join our affiliate program. Reach out to us at Telegram to register and to learn more about the conditions.

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