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Automate and scale partnerships across all performance marketing channels in a single platform. Thousands of brands, networks and publishers plugged in ready and waiting to work with you.

Affise is designed for data-loving marketers. We give you the building blocks to create whatever campaigns, analytics or workflows you need using customisable dashboards.

Stay in control of your budget with partnerships marketing.
You’re charged only for the sales you convert.

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Run your entire agency from a single screen

Recruit new partners

We’ve built an affiliate marketing community full of brands, networks and publishers looking for their next opportunity to partner with agencies like yours. Optimise your campaigns and get the most out of affiliate partnerships, both new and old. Get full transparency of brand guidelines and publisher data and be confident you’re working with reliable partners.

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Track, monitor and analyse your data

Create fully customisable dashboards using only the data you need. Our all-in-one platform means you can track campaigns and analyse customer and partner data all from a single screen. Get more insight from your existing platforms through our feature-rich API with nearly 50 different breakdowns of data available to users. Understand more about your customers than ever before.

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Automate your workflow

Scale your revenue streams and grow faster by automating bulk actions, fraud prevention and partnerships management.
Use our smart targeting features to optimise your campaigns, such as automatic scheduling and customer segmentation using customisable data filters.

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Pay only for performance

Stay in control of your budget using only performance marketing channels. When you sign up new partners, you’ll pay only on outcome - nothing more. Manage new and existing partner relations effortlessly with full visibility of partner details and real-time campaign data. Pay and receive commissions easily and in any currency with just a few steps.

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Built on global networks and cutting edge technology

Built on cutting edge technology

There's no need to switch platforms to use Affise - use our open API to integrate into your existing tech stack. Think of us as a marketing layer to your existing software, guaranteed to get more out of your data. By managing all of your systems from our platform, we'll help you save time, automate existing workflows and manage information more accurately.

Affise is a partnership marketing platform you can rely on with an uptime of 99.99% guaranteed. We're SOC 2 Type II compliant, so we're held to the highest industry-accepted data security standards there is. Your business is safe with us.

Our customisable, data-driven platform is a powerful tool for publishers. We'll help you get the most out of Affise - just try our 5* rated customer support team through our worldwide, 24/7 email or telephone helpdesk.

A whole ecosystem delivered in two easy-to-use
solutions, whatever your goals

Affise Performance

Scale your success with outcome based marketing through Affise Performance

– Improve ROI by automating and scaling partner campaigns
– Manage all performance marketing channels from one place
– Build custom dashboards for your data and reduce your workload

Scale up with Performance

Affise Reach

Recruit influencers and explore new Brand partnerships with Affise Reach

– Discover new partners and influencers to grow your business
– Find over 500 global brands (and growing!)
– Manage and automate payments to make new campaigns effortless

Collaborate with Reach

Get instantly connected to over 500 brands and networks. Effortless and cost-effective strategies to maximise your ROI.

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