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Interviews — 19 Oct 2022

Leila Hadzhyieva, Chief Human Resources Officer at Affise

Women Of The C-Suite: Meet Leila Hadzhyieva

At Affise, we have a team of people who want to grow as individuals and as professionals.  As a community, we believe it is essential to spotlight our talents and create a welcoming environment that inspires our team. This time, we are featuring an interview with a Woman in the C-suite, Leila Hadzhyieva, our Chief Human Resources Officer.

Get to know her career journey, leadership style, and what she values most: professionalism, trust, and mutual respect.

Tell us about your journey and what led you to this career path.

First of all, my desire to improve. To manage others, first, you need to be committed to improving and developing your leadership skills and characteristics. Good managers can adapt their leadership styles to various personalities in the workplace, implementing feedback to achieve goals.

Managing others requires you to identify what motivates people and effectively emphasize those motivating factors in different situations. It also involves mediating between team members and using problem-solving techniques to facilitate a productive environment.

And thus, developing these qualities of my own in different roles at different stages of my career – Now, I’m here with Affise.

You encourage other women who are taking the leap into a technology company. What advice would you give other female leaders to help their team succeed?

If you are too concerned about perfection, you’ll never get anything done. Nothing is perfect. So do not be afraid of failure because it’s inevitable anyway.

Give yourself the freedom to fail and the courage to get back up. Be brave, not be afraid to take risks, and follow any career path you want. You will be able to use the skills you have learned before and at the same time catch up on what you are missing along the way. If you are passionate about something, you will succeed.
Leila Hadzhyieva


Congratulations on your anniversary of 3 years at Affise. Can you tell the most exciting or funniest thing that has happened to you since you joined Affise? 

Looking back, it is interesting to analyze the first meetings with the Affise team, especially with my team members. I remember the first meeting with each of them:

  • How we met Nadzeya Liaichonak online for the first time and talked about the opportunities in our professional field;
  • How I organized an exam on recruitment analysis and processes with Anastasiya Zabolotina and Daisy Nguyen at their first interview, and they passed it;
  • How we analyzed metrics with Viktoryia Krachkouskaya, and she impressed me with her level of responsibility
  • When we talked with Natalia Gebska about the employer’s internal and external brand and lightened it up with an excellent sense of humor.

Most of all, I remember my feelings during the first communication with each of them. It was a 100% match. Despite being in different parts of the world, we are a strong team that can do anything! Undoubtedly, we also had many funny moments, a lot of them, but I leave that information to myself.

None of us can succeed without a bit of help along the way. Is there a particular person you are grateful to because they helped you get to where you are now? Can you tell a story about this?

I find inspiration in a variety of people who surround me. They’re bold and have the fortitude and courage to push through their fears and take a stand on what they believe. They have deep empathy for others, express love and appreciation openly, and foster equality. Deep down, these have grown comfortable being totally authentic and open about who they are.

Such people have been, are, and will be in my life. I appreciate their influence on my life’s philosophy.

CHRO & CFO – what is the cooperation between you two like?

CFO and CHRO relationship is based on strong collaboration. The reasons are fairly obvious. Human capital is both the most valuable asset an organization has and likely its largest operating expense. It is, therefore, natural that CFOs and CHROs are becoming strategic partners to leverage human capital investments into growing revenues.

At Affise, our cooperation is very close and fruitful.
Leila Hadzhyieva


About Affise, in your opinion, what makes it stand out in the partner marketing industry? What do you think could be the biggest challenge in the coming period ahead?

Affise has a strong team that makes it more than a marketing tool.  It’s an entire community of agencies, networks, brands, and publishers, plugged in, ready, and waiting to partner up. It’s a global company with a mission to help our customers grow their revenue through simplifying partnerships. 

Challenges in managing people are always waiting for us. One of the biggest challenges I see is that learning, skills, and career paths are becoming even more critical for companies. Business leaders are more concerned about skills. Not only are companies around the world reshuffling, relocating, and rethinking jobs and roles, we now have a skills-centric mentality.

Among all the learning and development issues companies face, one of the hottest topics is PowerSkills – teaching people how to lead, work in teams, collaborate, communicate and think strategically.

We felt this most keenly during the pandemic, and now that hybrid working has become a “well-accepted business practice,” high-level PowerSkills are a must today.

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