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Interviews — 17 Nov 2022

Why Movavi chose to work with Affise?

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  • Beyond G2 Reviews: Movavi’s Experience Working With Affise

Beyond G2 Reviews: Movavi’s Experience Working With Affise

Affise was recently recognized by G2 in several categories thanks to the efficiency of our partnership marketing solutions. This fall, we’ve added a few new badges to our list of awards:

  • Affiliate Marketing Momentum Leader
  • Affiliate Marketing Leader
  • Affiliate Marketing Small Business Leader
  • Affiliate Marketing Leader in Asia and Asia Pacific
  • Affiliate Marketing High Performer in India

Affise wins the G2 Fall 2022 awards

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G2 is a business software review that helps companies and customers find the right tech tools and services based on real user experiences. G2’s recognition means Affise is delivering on its mission to simplify partnerships and make managing and scaling marketing campaigns easier.

Without further ado, we asked one of our clients, Daniel N., Affiliate Program Owner of Movavi, what features and strategies he recommends for those looking to expand their affiliate marketing opportunities and his motivation to review Affise on G2.

Tell us more about Movavi.

Movavi is an entertainment software company with the world’s leading products, mainly for photo and video editing. It has been decided that the best practice will not be to just publish our offerings on existing CPA networks but build our own and get more control over the publishers we’re trying to attract. Among several options, we’ve chosen Affise to help us with that.

How would you describe the importance of partner marketing for businesses looking to grow? 

First, it will be great to understand that there is no chance to test all existing sources, channels, and traffic types, as nobody has an infinite budget for such experiments. In Movavi, we’re coming to RevShare and CPA type deals. The next step will be to choose a platform to work with or build your own. That said, the following steps become clear. Due to the mass production of content today, it is impossible to decide which content creator with paid integration will bring the best CR, but it is not necessary. By providing your partners and affiliates with a tool that enables links and tracks their performance, such as Affise, many problems are easily solved.

10 tips to choose the best affiliate marketing software

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From day one, we have got comprehensive support from Affise team, which leads us to a fully operable affiliate platform with more than 2000 affiliates joined to our offers within just a year after launch.
Daniel N.
Affiliate Program Owner at Movavi

Any tips on how to grow partnerships effectively?

A lot could be done. You definitely won’t go wrong by increasing commissions for partners, decreasing payment retention time – adding fraud protection, analyzing traffic, and expanding your offering into other working models like CPI, CPA, RevShare, CPS, if they don’t exist. Also, you can use coupons, landing, and pre-dispatch pages. 

In our opinion, what are the most important performance marketing features you found in Affise? 

API is something you should keep an eye on; the stats have always been good, as has the interface. Support should also be mentioned as a strong benefit, no matter which product from Affise you use.

Daniel's review on G2 about Affise

What motivates you to review us at G2, and why do you think it is essential to review services?

I appreciate the service Affise provides, including the platform and customer success support. It simply fully meets my expectations. It makes me happy to review and contribute to spreading the word about a product I really enjoy using.

Why trust Affise?

We’re always looking to develop solutions that meet the emerging needs of different industries, whether it’s eCommerce, an agency, or an affiliate network. Affise allows businesses to manage, automate and scale strategic relationships between brands and partners across all possible performance marketing channels from day one. Thanks to our market experience, we provide our clients with the tools they need to manage their partnerships and grow their campaign revenue.

Have you tried Affise yet? Take advantage of all the partnership opportunities

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