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Interviews — 10 Aug 2022

Meet the Affisians: Anastasiya Zabolotina

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Meet the Affisians: Anastasiya Zabolotina, Recruitment Team Lead

At Affise, we value people who continuously learn and seek ways to improve themselves. We’re constantly aiming to advance both as individuals and as a company – we grow together. We’re proud to proceed with another story of impressive career growth in our “Meet the Affisians” series. We spoke with Anastasiya Zabolotina, Team lead of recruitment, about her career path and development at Affise.

How was your start at the company and how did you develop since?

I started looking for a job during a difficult time. It was the middle of the pandemic, and I was stuck in a lockdown in Vietnam. I wanted to join a European company with specific conditions: international recruitment, cool resources, payments in USD, and remote employment.

In December 2020, I had two job offers: one from Affise and another from an IT company in Bangkok. Working conditions were the same, but I decided to trust my gut. I felt that I clicked with the HR team at Affise, so I accepted their offer. And I’m super happy about it. 

When joining a startup, you have to be ready to work hard. At Affise, I feel rewarded both financially and professionally.

Anastasiya Zabolotina, Recruitment Team Lead, Affise

Within the same year, two other recruiters and I hired over 70 people! It’s an incredible achievement for the company on the Series A funding. In January 2022, I was promoted to a team lead position and became responsible for all the recruitment processes in the company. It was amazing, especially in such a short amount of time. 

I can see how much we’ve changed together in this past year and a half. Our team communicates better; we set up goals, fine-tune them along the way, and can be truly satisfied with the results.

What do you like the most about working at Affise?

Processes and people. At Affise, you will find only mature and professional people who know what they’re doing. I trust my teammates, and they trust my expertise in return.

The company gives room to make decisions and manage your tasks; we have a result-oriented atmosphere. I feel I am making a real impact on the business and influencing decisions. All the core values in Affise are not just written on our website, but real qualities and approaches that all employees practice on a daily basis. 

My colleagues are ambassadors of our employer brand. We come from different countries, which creates a wonderful multi-cultural environment. Our backgrounds and beliefs are so different, but it’s also bringing in more creativity and success. I am enjoying being part of such a team.

What's different about Affise's hiring process?

We value time. This is one of the essential resources for a business, and we have strict KPIs and deadlines. Our hiring process is fast and transparent; for most vacancies, it takes only two weeks from the first call to the job offer. 

It’s important for us to make a good impression on everyone that we communicate with. We never give a hard time to our candidates or hiring managers, whose time is also precious. 

We also clearly understand the perfect candidate profile, which helps reduce the time spent and cost per hire. All these make a significant difference, as other companies follow a long process with tests and challenges for choosing the right employee. 

Who's the perfect candidate for you?

From our experience, the best applicant has a background in SaaS, ad-tech, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, or similar industries. It gives us more chances to hire someone on the right track with us. However, we are also open to everyone with the relevant skills for a position. 

After some time in recruitment, I have noticed that culture fit is one of the most challenging and important points in the evaluation process of the candidate. Thus, we are choosing the right candidate not only by professionalism but also by their personality. 

We have a culture code with special qualities that we look for in each person. Our values aren’t just words; they’re the rules we think and live by. And they help us manage our work and everyday activities. It’s great to find a person who is on the same page as you.  

How do you feel about the success of the candidates you've recruited?

Of course, it’s pleasant to see that the candidate was the right choice for Affise. I feel rewarded when I see that the people I hired have achieved something meaningful like building a new product, or receiving positive feedback from their peers or managers. 

But it’s not only my reward. It’s a result of  the work done by my fellow recruiters. HR is responsible for the onboarding process, while managers do everything to help newcomers succeed. I love hearing about the company’s results because I know it’s people who make it possible.

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