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Tips & Guides — 25 May 2022

Christmas Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Best Tips to Boost Christmas Affiliate Marketing Sales

Do you want to take the absolute maximum out of the Holiday season sales? You know, it’s the most wonderful time of the year for affiliate marketing too!

The US National Retail Federation reported that online and other non-store sales increased by 14.6%, up from $146,5 billion, in 2018, to $167,8 billion last year during the Christmas season. A considerable percentage of those numbers could be a contribution of affiliates doing their part. This year, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to predict the huge growth in online sales due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

But how to coordinate the promotion schedule to get all the benefits? Who is your best affiliate for Christmas? How to create the best Christmas affiliate program? How to divide your budget and not lose thousands of dollars in profit due to fraud?

Brands and affiliate networks should be exploiting every possible channel on Christmas. So, we put a list of tips for you to get on top of the Affiliate Sales mountain.

Tip #1. Seasonal Promotions

Knowing that you offer seasonal promotions will help an affiliate better prepare their advertising campaigns and marketing materials. Therefore, plan everything early at the beginning of autumn and inform your partners in advance. Announcements of start and end dates of promotions will let partners set up their affiliate sites and ads’ timing accordingly.

For publishers, bloggers, and other affiliates, it’s essential to have a tool that will allow them to be ready for dynamic changes in seasonal promotions and will automatically provide the necessary numbers and data on offers.

PROtip: Offers Schedule feature at Affise greatly simplifies affiliate offer management for brands and networks. This tool is designed to activate promotions at a specific time and enable or stop ad campaigns as per the individual calendar.

Tip #2. Know Your Affiliates

In the Holiday season, you should choose the most trusted affiliates, who also proved they could bring more leads. A stable and smooth flow is of higher priority in this period, and the ability of an affiliate marketer to stand out from many glaring Christmas campaigns will be most valuable in these circumstances.

Moreover, from year to year, more people made their orders from mobile devices and social media apps. In this regard, you should consider doing business with those who had the best results in mobile sales.

PROtip: The ability to find the best affiliates with high conversion rates goes alongside the ability to create the best affiliate program with an attractive commission rate.

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Tip #3. Spend More – Get More


Another factor for success during the Holiday season will be your unique reward system for affiliates. Feel free to expand your budget on Christmas, but do it systematically and wisely. Make a strategic plan to increase the affiliate’s payout after they achieve definite goals. For example, after the affiliate reaches a certain number of conversions through time, his payout per conversion will increase twice.

Such a reward system will boost the overall productivity of affiliates during a short period. And don’t forget to announce your affiliate program on your website to attract more partners!

PROtip: Affise’s Commission Tiers feature helps you create a tiered commission structure and automatic payouts’ calculations. You can easily set all the needed variables for your affiliate reward system, and the tool will do all the rest for you.

Tip #4. Strong Communications

At the moment when all the festive heat begins, it’s vital not to leave affiliates with any questions about your promotions. You would probably need to engage more staff than you used to in order to address all unclear moments. All issues about offers, special deals, or affiliate programs must be resolved by your managers ASAP. Without high quality and strong communications, you risk losing a considerable chunk of profit.

PROtip: Keeping in touch with all partners is much easier when they are all in one place at a single click distance. Affise’s Dashboard and Admin Panel gives you the ability to notify a certain group of affiliates about the newest offers or any sudden changes quickly, as well as to communicate with them using a single platform.

Tip #5. Optimization

Christmas affiliate programs may differ each year. You can’t trust previous experience only and wait for the same or even higher results. It’s necessary to monitor all affiliate activities of the festive season through regular statistical and analytical reports. Also, you need to quickly optimize your programs or promotions if something suddenly goes wrong.

BEWARE! Through Christmas, during events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Ad Fraud problem escalates enormously.

PROtip: Affise will help you a lot in all of this! We provide not only a wide range of statistical reports and analytical metrics for effective optimization of affiliate programs, but also some of the most reliable anti-fraud solutions in the world!

Don’t miss the sweet piece from the festive table! Use our tips, and you will undoubtedly become the king of Christmas affiliate program! Besides, the Affise platform, as you can see, can help your online business a lot in this ride.

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