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Marketing Tools — 04 Oct 2021

AppsFlyer with Affise to Manage Partnerships

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  • Struggle to Manage Traffic Partners Through AppsFlyer? Here’s a Solution

Struggle to Manage Traffic Partners Through AppsFlyer? Here’s a Solution

Having a reliable mobile measurement partner (MMP), such as AppsFlyer, at your side is a staple of success for app developers. However, even the most advanced solution is insufficient for managing partnerships, apps, or various traffic channels.

If you’ve ever tried to set up various access rights to analytics for specific groups of users through MMP, you may know what a pain in the neck it is. You have to create dozens of accounts for each team member or partner and evaluate statistics on every offer manually. It takes loads of time and effort, leads to mistakes due to human factors, and, eventually, shrinks your revenue.

Still, you can set up access rights, automate partnership management, and get analytics on separate offers at two clicks with a dedicated solution. If your mobile measurement partner is AppsFlyer, consider integrating it with Affise.

Affise Solution for Developers Working with AppsFlyer

Affise allows flexibility in the level of access for internal teams and provides an individual account for each of your partners. Therefore, you can set up privacy levels for various users inside a unified network manager account.

Partners can manage accessible data without requesting export from the developer account, which speeds up the reporting process and lets them have real-time access to data. Among other benefits of Affise are quick partner onboarding, automated billing and integrated payment tools, and 5 requests/second API to ensure fast performance and safety.

Affise provides a simplified integration for AppsFlyer developers. You just need to integrate Affise with AppsFlyer once instead of going through this process with each new partner.

How Web Developers Will Benefit from Affise?

Affise will streamline your processes, if you’re a developer working with AppsFlyer and wanting to:

  • Set up various access rights to data for a team;
  • Manage multiple partners and applications;
  • Enable access to real-time statistics for multiple partners;
  • Scale managing partners growth;
  • Manage and optimize traffic in real-time;
  • Scale without reducing traffic quality.

Affise - AppsFlyer Integration Setup

Step 1

Start with creating a Partner account in AppsFlyer. Fill out the form to apply.

Select “Affise” as a platform and “Affiliate Network” in “Your Network type.”

Specify your developer account name in the comment section:

Click “Register” and wait for 3-5 days until your account is created in AppsFlyer. As soon as it is ready, you will receive an automatic email with the additional information request.

Step 2

Create your account with Affise by contacting a sales team via chatbot on the Affise homepage or leaving a trial request. The Affise representative will get in touch with you within one business day and proceed with creating an account.  

Step 3

With Affise onboarding team assistance, set up the integration between AppsFlyer Partner Account and Affise. Send AppsFlyer the attribution link template and implement two common postbacks to receive real-time information in Affise:

Read more about the integration process on the AppsFlyer or Affise website.

What is Next?

Create partner accounts

Provide your partners with personal access to Affise and the data they want to see.

Each partner gets a personal link, access to the affiliate panel, 50+ data breakdowns, the possibility of automation through the API, and a reach notification system allowing stay up-to-date with all significant events.

Set up offers for promotion 

Implement your click-attribution link from AppsFlyer to Affise, so your team can use it as a main assistant for managing different advertising campaigns in real-time.

From now on, each of your affiliates will have their personal link to promote your app. With live access to the data, your team and you will have a tool to control and manage traffic.

Why Running Partner Marketing and Track Performance through Affise?

If you’re considering whether to adopt Affise for performance monitoring and partner marketing management, here are the main benefits:

  • Full automation of partner, offer, and traffic management for you and your partners;
  • Robust set of features to track and analyze your digital campaigns’ performance;
  • Automated commission calculation and billing for your affiliates;
  • Easy integrations with a wide range of third-party services through Affise Marketplace.

Affise in connection with AppsFlyer gives you the most powerful setup to scale up. Affise offers an ecosystem that solves all questions you face in affiliate marketing.

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