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Tips & Guides — 25 May 2022

Trends 2020 from Industry Experts

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Industry Experts on Digital and Performance Marketing Trends 2020

We’re already two feet in 2020, which means that all the 2019 results were summed up and industry changes were evaluated. What’s left – is to predict how all these changes would affect the upcoming year (and a new decade!) for affiliate marketers and highlight the future growth directions of the industry.

In our Affiliate Network Insider interview series we always ask top industry leaders about their predictions for the upcoming year, and what marketers should keep an eye on. Let’s see what they think on 2020 trends.

AI, VR and Innovative Technologies in Dating

Margarita Ershova

Affiliate Director, Affmy

“We believe, in 2020 Dating will remain one of the TOP niches in the international affiliate marketing industry. In this regard, it’s very likely that Tier 1 and Europe will stay among the most profitable GEOs to drive international traffic to. Talking from a longer perspective, we see a high chance of adaptation and wider implementation of innovative technologies to the dating projects. We see that the 21st-century users of dating websites want to experience not only global opportunities to date, but they also want to do it in realtime, and with full immersion, –  no matter when and where they go online.

Every year we see that in pursuit of the user, dating projects seek to find new ways to monetize them by developing more individual perks that will be able to attract specific users and in exchange for which they will be willing to pay money. At the same time, they tend to annoy users less.

Moreover, we already witness the development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in some other segments of the worldwide digital market. Due to artificial intelligence and neural networks, dating sites will become even more focused on the needs and demands of the audience. AI more and more makes the opportunity to simultaneously adapt the offered content to the needs of any user in real-time. That is a great piece of news because dating users are highly motivated to find the best match as soon as possible.

VR, in its turn, in a perspective of 5-8 years, will be able to make international dating closer to people: no matter where your match is located, you will be able to meet him or her without the need to travel and, in a format that will make your long-distance or international online date as real as never before. Therefore, it is likely that in the near future people, due to the VR technologies will be able to meet each other, even while being on different continents”.

Fraud Alert

Looking back at the year 2019 we can definitely say that ad fraud has drawn more attention than in any previous year before. International giants from all industries – IT, retail, marketing, development – have started to admit that ad fraud is not just a problem for game developers or advertising agencies. The world has finally turned to recognizing the trouble and scale of loses that are caused by fraudsters. The numbers of lost ad budgets have reached such crazy levels that it’s almost impossible to keep a blind eye on the issue.

Dmitry Isakov 

CEO, FraudScore

“When it comes to our field – antifraud solutions – we’ve noticed that 2019 was the year when we’ve been fighting more new fraud types and patterns than in 2017 and 2018 combined. On the one hand, fraudsters are moving forward, together with technologies. But on the other hand, it’s resulted positively on the market – the increased awareness and the fact that marketers are becoming more and more educated and they are also learning.

In 2020 OTT fraud will be on the rise as SmartTV adoption is growing. Ad fraud in RTB-campaigns is growing as the market is switching from performance model towards programmatic media buying.

I believe that in 2020 more and more companies who cares on the quality of their traffic will trust independent SaaS anti-fraud providers. Вecause ad fraud is developing so rapidly, it requires constant attention and data analytics, special teams and professionals. So it’s better to find a solution provider that devotes his constant attention to fraud fight and is 100% concentrated on fighting malicious activities in ad traffic. SaaS solutions are predicting fraud patterns and technologies – they analyse enormous amount of data (thanks to ML of course) and they predict where fraudsters are turning their heads to. An independent anti-fraud solution means that it takes noone’s side and it will always be impartial with results. Marketers have to always keep that in mind – find an independent solution, it will be a better protection to your ad budgets”.

Future of Web Push, VPNs and Programmatic

Dasha Raputa

Head of CPM/RTB, Adsterra

“Web Push ad format will definitely change, it was on peak lately, but with new browsers’ regulations, it’s interesting to see what we’ll have in the end.

I hope to see the VPN trend growing; this vertical has been on the rise for quite long. On the other side, new gambling brands might become top-runners in 2020. As for the geos — US is old but gold, it will definitely stay the most wanted and growing one.

Anyway, it’s hard to predict something for sure. A lot depends on the regulations coming from a variety of parties: technical regulations from browsers, for example, or law regulations for gambling vertical.

Keeping in mind that it’s getting harder to make users take your desired action, I assume that ads optimization will evolve to a new level: programmatic. Programmatic purchasing allows you to do deeper optimization and makes the bidding process easier (via predict), so I can’t wait to see more new players among XML/OpenRTB advertisers.

Influence of 5G Tech


Charles Ang

Head of Marketing, Axora Media


“The industry will be more competitive, and it is emerging day by day. 5G tech is arising, allowing us to have more stable and faster data exchange and retrieval. This enables us to create more complex and attractive advertisement. The rapid growth of the market makes it challenging to keep up with, so you should constantly improve your and your team’s skills set and knowledge.”

Big Data and BI in Performance Marketing 


Julia Dobyshuk

Marketing Communications, Affise


“The success of your performance marketing efforts is tightly connected with the ability to apply the data in predictions for future ad campaigns. Right now, marketers have huge volumes of data at their disposal, but we see that not everyone knows how to use it.

Big data is crucial for marketers as it has a massive potential to use previously untapped insights for business development. But raw data, especially in huge volumes, might turn out to be an absolute puzzle. To translate the data into something valuable, marketers need BI tools. Therefore, we foresee the leading-edge BI tools, as Google Data Studio, Power BI, Oracle BI, Tableau etc. to gain even more popularity. Further, we expect to see new tools such as DataFusion that would connect your data with tracking platforms and BI tools.”

Instead of Conclusion

No matter what a new decade holds for us, we are sure that performance marketing will continue to evolve and thrive.  We expect that 2020 will be the year full of changes as the industry gets smarter, more strategic, and transparent. And we’ll keep adapting to all these changes like we did before, and make our best to take online advertising experience to the qualitatively new level.

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