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Affiliate Network Insider — 25 May 2022


Axora Media on Mobile Technology Growth, Affiliate ROI and “TEAM” Approach

Each day new players are starting to conquer affiliate marketing industry. They all aspire to achieve great success and hope that someday their names will appear along with the affiliate marketing leaders’. Now we could hardly imagine that days and years ago all these giants were newcomers as well. What were they dreaming of? Which problems did they have? What were the key factors of their success? How did they become globally known? What was the affiliate marketing industry like back then?

We continue sharing the answers to these and many more questions in our series of articles, Affiliate Network Insider, that touches upon the working life of the prominent affiliate networks in the industry. Stay Affised not to miss newest pieces at our blog, and, please, welcome our new guest – Charles Ang, Head of Marketing in Axora Media.


Charles Ang, Head of Marketing, Axora Media

– How did you start your work in affiliate marketing? How did you come up with an idea to launch your own affiliate network?

– Before launching Axora Media, each of our team members had been working as media buyers for a content provider and advertising their campaigns to the market. When it came to 2017, we decided that it was high time to grow into something bigger. We discovered the word “TEAM” –  Together Everyone Achieves More – so since then we decided to share our current profitable campaigns and knowledge with others. Hence we started our research on how to make it happen.

After a year of research and development, we decided to take Affise as our business partner, and officially launched our performance network in 2018. Now I can say, that we achieved our goal. We are now sharing the best campaigns to our publishers and also bring very good results in terms of quality and quantity to our advertisers. This is definitely a “win-win” situation.


– Starting your affiliate network, which challenges did you face? And how did you manage to cope with them?

– It may come as no surprise, but the challenges we faced were pretty common. And probably the biggest one was to gain trust from business partners as we were the newcomers. But we firmly believe that through our integrity and honesty in supporting our partners on getting the results they want, we’ve successfully overcome these obstacles.

– How has the industry changed since when you started?

– Mobile technology is growing rapidly, advertisers’ requirements on digital advertising channel are getting higher, and users are becoming smarter and wiser. Evidently, all these push not only networks, but all the related parties to work harder on improving the content of offerings, implement better technologies and think faster. And I think these changes are good for the industry, as it’s shifting towards better transparency and quality.

– What do you think set you apart from other affiliate networks?

– We take our partners first before anything comes, and we build the relationships based on trust and professional approach. Besides, we work mostly with direct campaigns, meaning 90% of our campaigns are from product owners, which is highly beneficial for our partners.

– ROI is one of the most important metrics affiliate networks focus on. What are your top tips for them to increase their ROI?

– As cliché as it may sound, but first of all you should focus on a partner’s ROI. Once you fulfil partner’s ROI, this will indirectly lead to the increase back to yourself.

Also, by doing industry research, you may get insights on the latest trends, which will give you a better picture of what you should work on.

– How do you build relationships with the affiliates?

– Communication is key – this is something I strongly believe in. So, I try to build the team of highly approachable and knowledgeable Account Managers in Axora Media. Constant communication and understanding of our affiliates’ needs is the thing that helps us to form the bond.


“We discovered the word “TEAM” –  Together Everyone Achieves More,” – Charles Ang

– Who is “TOP Affiliate” for you?

– First comes first, ‘TOP affiliate’ is one who knows their traffic best, who has no “poor quality” issues during our partnership, and who’s willing to grow with us. These are the elements which are essential to creating a win-win situation for both of us.

– Your forecast for the next year: how the industry will change?

–  I guess, the industry will be more competitive, and it is emerging day by day. 5G tech is arising, allowing us to have more stable and faster data exchange and retrieval. This enables us to create more complex and attractive advertisement. The rapid growth of the market makes it challenging to keep up with, so you should constantly improve your and your team’s skills set and knowledge.

– What do you think is the main secret of your success?

– Never give up. Fall seven times but stand up eight.

* AFFILIATE NETWORK INSIDER is a project, covering success stories and inside life of the biggest and most prominent affiliate networks in the industry. Make YOUR story heard by emailing to az@affise.com.

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