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Why You Should Track Impressions at Affise

We know that you’ve been waiting for this release for quite a while, and finally we can announce it. From now on Affise provides ad impression tracking on top of just tracking clicks and conversions. It means that now we support our clients which are willing to track impressions and have the statistics for all campaign performance indexes in one place: impressions, clicks and conversions.

Why to Track Impressions

Although last-click attribution is still the most widespread method of conversion tracking in online advertising, advertisers can’t always rely on clicks to measure the impact of their advertising campaigns. This is exactly where impression tracking needs to be employed.

Advertisers who understand the power of brand awareness and top-of-the-funnel marketing objectives have already been using impression tracking, because it allows to reach wider scope of potential clients and drastically increase campaign performance. Moreover, many affiliates and networks track impressions as a powerful metric when measuring their own ad performance.

How Impression Tracking Works at Affise

At Affise an impression (view of an advertisement) is tracked each time a user loads a webpage that an impression pixel is placed on. Impression pixels are available for all affiliates on a specific offer. New slice Impressions is now added to both Admin and Partner panels.

How to Start Impression Tracking

1. Go to the offer page and enable tracking impressions on the specific offer level:


2. Impression pixel is available for the publishers enabled to run the offer.


3. A publisher could find his unique pixel in his partner panel on the offer page:

Why You Should Track Impressions at Affise

Impression pixel works with the same params as for the regular JS / HTML pixel. More info you can find here.

4. The statistic for the impressions is available in Daily, Advertiser, Offers, Affiliates slices. And in the custom report when advertiser, offer, affiliate filters are chosen.


How Much it Costs

Amazing news is that tracking impressions is already included in the Affise pricing plans. It means, that all the other conditions staying the same our clients get an opportunity to track impressions on top of other attribution measurements.

Professional Enterprise Custom
Number of impressions included in the pricing plan 1,000,000 / month 15,000,000 / month Special offer
Cost per 1,000 impressions over the limit $0.005 $0.005 Special offer

For more information about impression tracking at Affise, please refer to your devoted Customer Success Manager, or just contact our team emailing to hey@affise.com.

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