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Updates — 08 May 2023

KPI Automation: Key to Successful Partner Program

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KPI Automation: Key to Successful Partner Program

Before launching an advertising campaign, the advertiser and agency need to build an effective partnership strategy. The essential element of a successful strategy is to determine and measure the right metrics and KPI’s, followed by an equally important process of campaign- and channel-oriented optimization. That is to say, the traffic sources that do not align with the specified KPI’s must be identified and subsequently blocked.

This time-consuming process requires automation, as the number and variety of traffic sources are continually growing, which makes manual data processing impossible. Until now, Affise has already provided two automation instruments to optimize customer acquisition: CR Automation and Click Automation. Today we are pleased to present our third tool – KPI automation – based on the event conversion rate.

Ensuring maximum ROI with Key Performance Indicators

As is well known, companies are keen to have long-lasting relationships with their clients making every effort to maintain and improve customer satisfaction. In the meantime, acquiring new ones is essential too. Is there a way to find a balance between these two and distribute resources, ensuring maximum return on investment? We have an answer.

KPI automation will allow you to focus on the audience that is most interested in the advertised product. Set the desirable action-to-action rate, and Affise will do the rest.

Simple setup

  1. Create a KPI rule, where you should specify:
  • Offer
  • Action to be taken (change conversion status or block a partner/traffic source)
  • Goal-to-Goal (action-to-action) rate
  • Notification to a manager
  • Time range

       2. Change log tab contains a list of all changes applied by users.

       3. Block log tab provides details on partner/traffic source block and conversion status change.

Optimize the Marketing Funnel

We recommend using all three automation tools mentioned above to understand the strengths and weaknesses, assess profitability and optimize every stage in the marketing funnel. Contact your Customer Success manager to access KPI Automation and further information.

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