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Introducing Affise Platform 2.0

We are thrilled to introduce our updated platform Affise 2.0 we’ve been working on for the last few months. There are so many changes we want to tell you about.

AWS Infrastructure


Now we’ve completely moved to Amazon infrastructure. It means that now you will have the most fault tolerant and scaled platform you can ever find. Also, we’ve increased the tracking speed with most powerful GEO balanced system that AWS can provide. Our system is ready for any traffic volumes.

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Affise AI SmartLink Tool

This feature is a game changer for all the affiliate marketing industry among 3rd party tracking platforms. Now you can grab all offers from any affiliate networks using our Demand Collector CPAPI and create the most powerful SmartLink to get more profit. This tool will be available soon for all our Enterprise plan clients . We know that you are all waiting for it.



Affise provides integrations with 3rd party services such as:

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… and many more. We are sure that you can run your campaigns smarter with the best checking, fraud protection and BI tools. In case you want to integrate with more services, just contact your manager and we’ll implement it in short time.

Useful and Very Fast Reporting System.

Now we have the best reporting system you can ever find. We take care of any reporting dimension you want to see for the campaign analysis.

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New Analytics Tools

We have a lot of analytics tools which will available to everyone shortly, such as Retention Rate Report, KPI Report (including smart payout rate change system)

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More than 350 Major Updates and Fixes

Such as:

and many more….

Powerful and fast API


New version of our API is now much faster. We’ve increased request limits, updated many methods and made API usage simpler and more convenient.

Demand Collector. CPAPI.


Our completely Free Demand Collector CPAPI now supports these networks and platforms:

And many more are coming soon.

Also we’ll add different filters and improvements for this service. For example, if you want to add “All the offers from parsed networks for Android, US with payout higher that $1” you would be able to do it in a few clicks.

Learn more about CPAPI at Mobyaffiliates:


Design Customization

Affise is the only platform who cares about your brand identity and provide any customized design you want.

Wait to see more features in the next couple of months. We want to change the way affiliate marketers operate, so you can take advantage of your most effective performance with us. Read the entire case study about design customization.

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Start scaling you ROI and no longer pay for clicks.

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